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    RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “Your Pilot’s On Fire” Recap

    I watched this week’s episode at Uproar in DC with Iva and it was a blast! For a TV nerd who is obsessed with drag queens, this episode was basically a dream come true. But it quickly became a nightmare. Let’s break down #MaskGate, shall we?

    Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

    The girls are still recovering from their fallen sister, Farrah when Ru enters the workroom and explains that the maxi challenge this week will be that each team will create, write, produce and star in a pilot presentation for a proposed TV show! This had me so excited! Y’all know I love TV. Add the cast of my favorite “non-scripted” show and I am one happy boy. Ru asks them to choose their own teams and we all hold our breath until Sasha and Shea find each other and team up. These two. I just love them. Peppermint, Alexis and Trinity team up leaving Nina Sour Puss Brown and Valentina to work together.

    Uh oh. This could potentially not end well.

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