10 Women We Love And Here’s Why You Should Too

You’ll notice that today is International Women’s Day and you’ll also notice a handful of (and hopefully more) women around you wearing red. That red is in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman, a general strike to showcase what it would be like to function without the incredible women you know working beside you. It’s inline with A Day Without Immigrants and the Yemeni Bodega Owner Strike we’ve seen since the 45th president has taken office.

Sundae Co. is absolutely participating in A Day Without A Woman, whether we’re wearing red, pausing all blog activity* (aside from this previously scheduled post) or taking the opportunity to support women and minority owned small businesses across the country.

But for those of you looking for some inspiration this Women’s History Month, we thought we’d put together a list of the women who have been a huge source of inspiration for us (our mothers obviously included but not included, if you know what I mean).

Malala Yousafzai | Sundae Co.

Southbank Centre London

Malala Yousafzai

The idea to feature Malala Yousafzai seems a bit like a no brainer. Barely twenty years old, Yousafzai has become a force to be reckoned  with. Her passion for education and helping young girls go to school not only made her a target of terrorism, but it’s given her the Nobel freaking Peace Prize. After surviving an attempted assassination, she’s gone on to create an incredible foundation helping young girls go to school and she’s made more than a few speeches across the globe. To say she’s an inspiration is to speak lightly. Her strength, courage and incredibly charming nature has solidified her as someone to strive to even be a little bit like.

For those interested in learning more about Malala or helping contribute to The Malala Fund, please check out her website here.

Michelle Obama | Sundae Co.

Wikipedia Commons

Michelle Obama

Literally what can I say that hasn’t been said already about the former First Lady of the United States? Michelle Obama is strong as hell. She’s stood up to disparaging racist attacks throughout her tenure in the White House, and she’s done it with the utmost amount of class. Focusing on sustainable food initiatives and childhood obesity, Michelle Obama was quick to make her mark alongside her husband. I literally want to cry every single day when I remember she’s no longer our active First Lady.

After having one hell of a much-needed vacation with Barack, Michelle is back to work and working alongside her husband on The Obama Foundation.

Constance Wu | Sundae Co.


Constance Wu

One of two Asian American women starring in a primetime series, Constance Wu is a force and her Twitter account is a revelation. Not worried about being blacklisted in Hollywood, Constance has spoken her mind on issues like white-washing, representation, and sexual assault/harassment in the industry. She is constantly amazing in her bravery, speaking out against issues that will surely affect her already difficult chances of getting cast among the heavily white entertainment industry in the US.

Aside from starring in the adorable Fresh off the Boat on ABC, she’s just landed the starring role in the film adaption of Crazy Rich Asians directed by John M. Chu. Check out her twitter for more of her incredible humor and her adorable pet bunny.

Elizabeth Warren | Sundae Co.

Ben Wikler flickr

Elizabeth Warren

Lizzie Warren 2020? Yes? YES. A resounding freaking yes. Long been an outspoken woman in the Senate, Elizabeth Warren has been one of the few to truly stand up against the 45th president since his arrival into office. She’s fearless, insanely smart and knows exactly what to say to make you think, “Okay, maybe some good politicians actually exist.”

One of Warren’s most iconic moments came recently while trying to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King in regards to Jeff Sessions. She not only very clearly exposed the misogyny living in the Senate, she gave us the best girl anthem we could have asked for throughout this crazy and ridiculous political climate. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Serena Williams | Sundae Co.

Wikipedia Commons

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is, hands down, the most incredible athlete I have ever seen. And while I’m not in any way a sports enthusiast, it’s impossible to miss the passion and drive she has for tennis. Not only is she constantly owning the courts, she’s owning life, too. Have you seen her Sports Illustrated editorial? The audacity she has to look that good. Honestly.

But aside from her total babe-dom, Serena Williams is an inspiration purely because she owns her talent. She is unapologetic in her skill, her skin, her beauty. She owns everything, and why shouldn’t she? Serena’s the best in the damn world, and she shows other female athletes they can maybe, one day, become the same.

Rachel Maddow | Sundae Co.


Rachel Maddow

Can we all just take a moment to close our eyes, lower our heads and bow in respect to one of the few media pundits out there constantly calling out the utter bullshit happening in the world right now? Rachel Maddow constantly tells it like it is, not worrying whether she’s pleasing Republicans or Democrats. She gives the most unbiased approach while still pointing out that: yes, building a wall is wrong and yes, the #MuslimBan is 100% wrong and yes, here are the actual and factual reasons why.

There’s nothing like real, solid facts in this alternative facts world.

You can catch Rachel telling it like it is on MSNBC, weekdays at 9PM.

Margaret Atwood | Sundae Co.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a legend. She’s a poet, a novelist, a literary critic, an essayist, an environmental activist, and most importantly (to me, yes) she’s one of my favorite authors. There’s always been something eerily predictive about her writing, something so subtle and realistic in her characterizations that it helped me see just how important feminism was as a young woman.

And honestly, did you ever think that the plot to A Handmaid’s Tale would feel so relevant to today? I didn’t, and as we prepare for the first television adaption from Hulu, I gotta admit I’m excited and also terrified. Couldn’t we be living in a similar universe soon enough?

Janet Mock | Sundae Co.

Wikipedia Commons

Janet Mock

Janet Mock, a trans activist and best-selling author, is making her mark in 2017. In the current political climate, where it’s hard to know who to trust and who to listen to, Janet has shown that her search for the truth comes above all else. A woman who is passionate about civil rights and LGBT activism, Janet is truly inspiring to me. Just the bravery it takes to put yourself out there as a black trans woman, standing up for herself and for those less fortunate around her, it’s hard not to feel a little bit in awe of who she is.

And if you haven’t read her book, you’re seriously missing out. Check out Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.

Kamala Harris | Sundae Co.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

Kamala Harris

Have ya’ll seen Kamala Harris’ twitter lately? It’s impossible not to feel extremely proud of the work she’s been doing since the 45th president took his spot in the White House. And maybe that’s the one thing I can thank the executive producer of The Apprentice for. We’ve seen some really strong and incredible women step out and speak up. Kamala Harris, Senator for California and the state’s former Attorney General, has been amazing to watch recently.

Also, if you’re not following Kamala’s twitter, please do so now. Her series for Women’s History Month has been incredible.

Maxine Waters | Sundae CO.

Teen Vogue

Maxine Waters

Last, but certainly not least, is Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She first came on my radar after stating she wasn’t going to attend 45’s inauguration. Then, it was calling for 45’s impeachment (which hello yes). Since then, I’ve been in love with this no-bullshit, straight-speaking woman. California’s 43rd Representative has been in public office since 1991 and her passion is palpable.

During her time in office she’s been outspoken even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. She spoke out against the Iraq War, she helped deliver relief supplies after the LA riots in ’92 and she’s consistently been the voice for those who don’t have their own. Oh, and her twitter rules.


Now that I’ve got all that gushing of pure love and admiration out of my system, I’m off to celebrate International Women’s Day with the women I love and admire in my very own life. So, which women do you love?


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