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A Haunting in Brooklyn

I don’t believe in ghosts. Or an afterlife. Or anything along those lines. Which is why I am struggling to come to terms with the ghost who is haunting my apartment.

Sundae Co. | Apt Hall

Just your standard creepy apartment hallway…

It all started only a few months ago, but has been frequent enough (and scary enough) to catch my attention and make me question my sanity. The first encounter that I can remember was back in September. I was taking a shower and I heard my apartment door slam shut. I was sure of it. It wasn’t a neighbors door. It was too loud, too close. I froze and waited for the killer to pull back the curtain and kill me, Marion Crane style.
Sundae Co. | Psycho Murder gif
After standing perfectly still in the shower for probably ten minutes, I stepped out and walked into the hall to see that my door was shut and – when I checked – locked. I sighed a sigh of relief but didn’t sleep that night.

The next occurrence happened a few weeks later. I was sitting in my bed watching TV and eating dinner and I heard a voice coming from the hallway, seemingly right outside my door. I ignored it as I normally would and focused on the TV show. A few minutes later the voice returned, but this time was much clearer. It seemed to be coming from the inside of my door. I thought maybe for a second I left the door open or maybe my neighbor was just being rude and talking right outside my door, but either way I needed to check on it. I got up and as soon as I turned the corner to the hallway it stopped. My door was shut and when I looked out the peephole, no one was there.

A month or so later, I was in my bathroom shaving and I started to hear what I thought was a woman singing or screaming in the apartment above or below me. I rolled my eyes, blamed the thin walls and kept shaving. Only a minute or two later did I realize that the voice had not paused or stopped since. I focused on the sound and that is when it changed. The voice, definitely female, went from holding out a note to screaming. It was difficult to make out the words, but sounded like a woman repeating “you bitch” over and over again in a low, growly voice, peppered with some other words and vocalizations. I kept trying to tell myself it was someone having an argument or singing a song, but it didn’t pause for a breath or stop for a good three or four minutes. It sounded like it was coming from the walls or hot water pipe, but when I moved around my bathroom, I couldn’t seem to pin down the direction it was coming from. It really freaked me out and I am still not sure what the sound was. It stopped as suddenly as it started.

Sundae Co. | Apt Key gif

In mid-December I was coming in from grocery shopping and as I was keying into my apartment felt someone behind me and saw a shadow fall across my door. I scooted towards my door and turned to say “excuse me” to what I assumed was my neighbor keying into his apartment or a delivery man of some sort, but when I turned around, there was no one behind me. I swung my door open and slammed it behind me so fast! My heart skipped a few beats. I have no idea what caused the shadow. I am certain I felt the presence of someone behind me. I just got the most insane goosebumps writing this… This was the scariest of them all.

Sundae Co. | Scooby Ghost gif

Then, last night I was heating some chicken spring rolls in my oven and left my kitchen light on while I went to watch TV for a few minutes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the kitchen light go off. I figured the lightbulb burned out, so I walked to the kitchen to investigate and the light switch was down. Someone turned it off you guys. I flicked it back on and said “Is there a reason you turned this off?” into the empty room… I was so nervous I would hear (or see) some kind of response, but nothing happened…

Sundae Co. | Apt Door gif

So like…what the hell is going on in my apartment?! Is it a former resident trying to scare me for getting a good deal on this place? Is it my landlord trying to get back at me for making him fix the shower window last year? My building was built in 1939 so I am sure plenty of people have come and gone (in the permanent sense) over the years. I know in the four and a half years I have been here, some pretty intense stuff has gone down on my floor… I have a greek evil eye pendant on my door that a friend got me a few years ago just in case, but it seems to not be working…unless I am being haunted by a friendly ghost? Casper? Is that you?

Sundae Co. | Evil Eye

So, what do you do when you don’t believe in the ghost that may or may not be haunting your apartment?

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  • Reply Daria January 31, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Dying. These photos and gifs are incredible.

  • Reply The Last 5 Years | Sundae Co. April 14, 2017 at 11:13 am

    […] Over the years, I have slowly replaced all the Ikea furniture with some solid choices from CB2 and some vintage/thrift shops and slowly the place began to become mine. It may have taken me a few years in some cases, but my walls are covered with pictures of family and friends and art that I love. I have adorned my space with trinkets from my travels and reminders of my life in an effort to make this tiny space in the world my own private recluse. I truly love my apartment. Despite the fact that the windows by my bed let a draft in. Despite the fact that once every few months I find a tiny little ant crawling on my bathroom floor. Even despite the fact that it may or may not be haunted… […]

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