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Real talk, we first met during the grueling voting process for a college club on campus. We liked each other well enough, we had various mutual friends (and one in particular we’re still exceptionally close with) but we never truly hung out one on one. We were both going through our pitches for the various positions we wanted – Daria, something to do with outreach and Ross, secretary. Daria won, Ross lost. But somehow, after that, we’d realized just how much we had in common and how much we liked one another. From that point on, there wasn’t a function we didn’t go to together, there wasn’t a bottle of wine we couldn’t finish, and there wasn’t a sushi place we weren’t willing to try out. Seriously. Shout out to Sushi Ya in Garden City, Long Island!

We’ve been friends for nine years now. Best friends. We often call each other soulmates and there’s a hearty dose of truth there. We’ve been through some serious crap- hangovers, break-ups, family drama of the worst and most hilarious of kinds, depression, anxiety, the tempestuous relationship you find yourself in when you’re living and working in New York City.

Which is how we’ve cornered ourselves into the most overdone and somehow still risky endeavor of online blogging.

We’ve both been itching with the idea for some time now and who better to partner up with than your best friend? We’re hoping to cover some of our favorite food haunts in the city, taste test the best cocktails we can find (you’re welcome) and push ourselves to get out of New York and do some serious traveling. We’re only in our questionably-mid-to-late-twenties once, right?

Thanks for checking out Sundae Co.!