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Beauty Basics: Getting Through Life with Painted Brows and a Highlight

Hey. I’m Bridgette. And I promise I am not pandering you to like me better with a picture of my sleepy puppy.

Since this is the first time you’re meeting me I figure I should explain myself before I start telling you what I think.

I’m here today because Daria was my first friend. I moved to our small town at the tender age of 9, and by the fate of the gods we both had exquisite taste. Yes, it’s true. I made a friend because of Harry Potter. Yup. Only one friend… And we’ve been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I believe I might have met Ross while visiting Daria in Hofstra her freshmen year, but mostly I remember him from his visit to our local Applebee’s a few years ago (ugh, I can’t believe that place used to be part of my repertoire). I’m so excited they asked me to contribute here and get to know all of you!

These days I live with my boyfriend, Bryan, and our newly adopted puppy, Emma. We’re starting the headache of finding a new apartment (well, we really want a single family home) that allows dogs. Oy. Vey.

Bryan and I have been together for nearly five years, living together for two. He’s the dream guy, even if he drives me crazy.

Okay, the real reason I’m here: skin and beauty. It’s probably fair to say that if you know me, you know I tend to be a walking encyclopedia on skin care, and could talk on end about my favorite makeup products (and omg- did you see the new Aurora Glow Kit, or the kickstarter for the Lisa Frank Makeup Collaboration?!).  There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve gotten everyone in the room ready before going out for the night (shout out to my birthright mishpachah!). And it’s only gotten worse since I started working for one of my favorite cosmetic companies. ​Don’t worry​, I’m not here to solicit to you.

I’ve always been that person that no matter what time I get in, no matter how tired I am- even if I can’t keep my eyes open- I will put aside no less than three products to cleanse and moisturize. I’ve mastered the five minute face, and I can easily spend more than an hour applying makeup at my really sad (not even close to a proper battle station) desk with horrendous lighting. I’m that person sitting on the beach in a long skirt, maybe even a light sweater, with bug eye glasses and a huge hat under the umbrella, who then spends 25 minutes applying sun block (NOT suntan lotion, BRYAN. It BLOCKS the sun), to then spend maybe 30 minutes in the water before retreating to my layers and shade again.

Though, admittedly, that’s more because I am pale AF and am sick and tired of getting sun poisoning. Even my boss pointed out my veins last night at work, to which I respond, “I know- I’m not even pale. I’m green.” Seriously. If we ever meet, come check out my greenish-blue veins clearly visible down my freckled forearms.

I spend some my free time watching my woman crushes/beauty experts on YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Again, if we’re tight friends, I’ve probably made you watch a video of Samantha Ravndahl at some point or another, or you’ve heard me intimately refer to her as Sam as if I know her. And yeah, maybe I’m one of those people who drops a comment to these ladies every once and while about how beautiful they are. Maybe.

Bridgette: YouTube Star

Here I am channeling my inner YouTube star from a year ago.

My hours spent on their channels have actually hooked me up with some good stuff that I use every day to achieve looks like the above, or the more natural looking brows in my side-eyed photo way above.

Now, that I’ve properly addressed my critical areas of expertise (certifications be damned!) I’m about to tell you something my momma never told me (sorry if you’re reading this Ma, but you didn’t). In fact, it never crossed my mind not even once in probably ten years of applying makeup from middle school through college.

You need to wash your brushes.

I think I had a brush for five years that my mom gave me that she probably had for five that she never washed either. Just the thought of all the things wiggling around on the bristles really scuzzes me out. And I put that thing on my face every day. For a long, long time.

This is all you need. Nothing has ever worked as quickly or as easily once I realized brush washing was a thing. I use lavender because that’s the one Target had, but I see on the website that they have a tea tree version that I’m excited to try sometime… but it’ll be awhile. I have only purchased this to wash my brushes once, and I’ve had it easily almost 2 years. Please, don’t tell me that soap expires.

And the brushes that I reach for every day that I now clean rather diligently?

The 11 Piece Brush Collection from e.l.f. is the best thing I have ever tried from this company. I’ve used these for years- the same brushes that is. As of yet, I haven’t had to replace any in my collection. Now, I do have a few higher end brushes, and these ones from e.l.f. really aren’t too far off. True, they’re not as soft, and their set lacks a big fluffy brush needed for that airbrushed finish you need to achieve the perfectly blended eye look- but if you’re looking to make a headway into some polished makeup looks… These are a good place to start. Seriously, even the $1 brushes you can buy individually from e.l.f. are very decent.

I’m also going to drop my new favorite. I know I’m late to this, I know you cannot escape people talking about this product… but that’s because it works, and it’s fast, and it’s easy-

It’s Brow Wiz by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I bought this for the first time two months ago, and it has truly trimmed a good couple minutes off my full face routine. Okay, okay, it wasn’t too much of a stretch from what I was previously using. Before I picked this little beauty up I was a loyal member of the Dipbrow club. Alright. In case you weren’t feeling a trend from above, I love products that will never die. I can use them again and again for years and years and never think about it. Dipbrow was that for me. I had the same pot of Dipbrow for at least two years before I actually forced myself to move on from it because I colored my hair and my Dipbrow in Taupe was no longer a match.

Brow Wiz, while much easier and faster to use (for me anyway)- does not have the same milage as its cousin. I went through my first pencil in two months and have already rebought my second. I find I can achieve the same results as Dipbrow without having to worry about being fully blended or too harsh ( remember- my battlestation has a pathetic amount of light). My brows stay in place and last all day, which I guess is the most important part.

Not everything needs a two year shelf span. I guess.

Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that this is stuff I care enough about to go ahead and make a career of it, as well as something I actively engage in during my down time, so I guess what I have to say will be worth your time. In the future I’m looking forward to talk about more products I love, skin routines, trends, tips, and all that good stuff that I think ultimately make you feel like a better you. I take care of myself and spend the time applying all that makeup because it makes me feel good, and if I can help you find something or try something that makes you feel just a little bit better about you- that’d probably make my whole dang week.

So, tell me about you! What products do you reach for everyday?

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