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Solid Dining Room Inspo For Those Without Tables Or… Anything

I was not planning on needing any dining room inspiration, guys.

I was planning on cramming a tiny little bistro table into a small corner and hope for the best. It’s not like we had some Rockefeller level of budget here when it came to apartment hunting. We were mostly looking for something bigger than Josh’s previous 410 sq. foot studio apartment.

So, I didn’t think we’d even have eat-in capabilities.

But now, with the flow of the space, we’re stuck with this wide open section in the living area (currently filled with boxes, just for transparency’s sake) that would be the perfect place for a dining room table.

Which would be great if we had one.

We don’t. In case you were wondering.

And the idea of dropping more than a couple hundred bucks seems crazy when we’re focusing on saving money, planning for Josh to finish grad school and my current plan to finish paying off my student loans before I turn 60.

Dining Room Inspiration: White Tulip with a side of Eames

Photo via My Domaine

At first, I was obsessed with the idea of a white tulip table. Something smaller, to fit around four people. But then, I wondered if maybe that would limit us, or if a round table wouldn’t really fit the space as well as a rectangular option would.

So we’re getting physical.

Power tools kinda physical.

Oh yeah, that’s right. We might be building our own table.

I have these amazing hairpin legs from an old desk that I think could work if we find the right slab of wood to go on top. We’re still deciding if we’re going to go easy and buy butcher block or if we’re going to actually, you know, build something. So stay tuned with what will hopefully be a successful project! (With lots of help from my step-dad.)

These photos are currently helping me decide what direction to go in:

Dining Room Inspiration: Hairpin for Days

Photo via My Domaine


Dining Room Inspiration: Child Not Included

Photo via This Little House

I just love how simple these pieces are. The tables aren’t clunky, they don’t seem to fill the space and they leave so many options in terms of accessories. Plus, they just feel a bit more custom.

Though, I’m not sure how I feel about a rug underneath just yet. Isn’t that just asking for spills and stains?

And as you can see, the Eames look is a popular feature with every picture I’ve loved. But we’re not sure yet which direction we wanna go: black shell Eames chairs or a cool colored metal bistro set. Who is shocked I’m into the navy? Anyone? Bueller? No?


Featured photo via Apartment Therapy

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