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Dirt Candy Officially Changed Our Lives

That sounds so click-bait crazy, doesn’t it? I mean, no, Dirt Candy didn’t change my life. But it definitely made it better. Now that I know colorful bouquets of bread exist in the world, I’m feeling PRETTY alright. Seriously. Colorful bouquets of bread. Did I mention they’re covered in butter? Delicious, warm butter. And if you’re thinking you’ll see a picture of them, you’re wrong- because I ate them and then ordered them again, and then ate those too.

I’m writing this while contemplating what I want for lunch and I’m thinking it was a bad idea.

Because now I just want bread.

Oprah feels me on this. Bread is life.

Anyway, back to Dirt Candy.

As a little preface, since moving back from Florida, my best friend Audrey and I have made it our mission to see each other as much as we possibly can. And while seeing each other, we also want to eat. It’s kind of what we do best. With Audrey being vegan (and a super great cook, seriously), we’ve decided it would be in our best interest to finally get to all those amazing vegan restaurants in NYC we haven’t been able to try before. I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian, but I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m mega into food.

So who am I to say no to fun new places to eat?

We’ve been trying to get to Dirt Candy for months. Seriously try and get a reservation for Friday night right now. You’d be so SOL. But we weren’t quite in a rush, so three weeks out, we just picked the first open spot we could and made it happen. And we’re so happy we did. Run by Canadian Amanda Cohen, the restaurant tosses aside meat in favor of focusing on vegetables. Her dishes are creative and unexpected – broccoli dogs, anyone? But they’re seriously filling and we found ourselves totally stuffed by the time we reached the end of our meal.

Dirt Candy Cocktails | Sundae Co.Cucumber cilantro and spicy tequila cocktails

Dirt Candy Menu | Sundae Co.Obsessed with the menus here- but I’ve always had a thing for fonts

From the moment we walked inside we felt a hugely warm welcome. Our server was a sweetheart, giving us the rundown on the menu and letting us know just how many plates to order on top of A+ recommendations on cocktails. It’s ALMOST tapas style and they definitely take their time with getting your dishes out, which we really appreciated it. Audrey and I see each other every two weeks and we have a lot to catch up on. Not being pushed out after an hour was really amazing.

Dirt Candy Broccoli Dogs | Sundae Co.Broccoli dogs, anyone?

Dirt Candy Mushroom Crostini | Sundae Co.A portobello mushroom sliced crostini masterpiece

Dirt Candy Zucchini Bites | Sundae Co.Literally zucchini on zucchini with a side of zucchini and I loved every second of it

Plus they also gave us really delicious glasses of sparkling rosé at the end of the night. And some insanely unexpected but totally delicious cashew popcorn ice cream. Ugh, yes. We really fell in love with this place and we’re already excited to plan our next visit. I mean, jalapeño hush puppies? Forreal? Gimme them all, please and thank you.

Have you guys been to any new restaurants lately? Or have any old favorites?

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