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Five Faves For Halloween Viewing and Candy Eating

Halloween on a Monday can only mean one thing for us extremely tired individuals:

A movie, a bag of candy and a really comfortable blanket. Maybe even a boyfriend to curl up against. Or hide behind when you get to the extremely gory parts – it’s essentially why I watch The Walking Dead with Josh. “Can you tell me when we’re done with the mushy brain eating part now? Thanks.” I’m a big wuss, I know. I’m not allowed in Haunted Houses otherwise I’ll have a real nervous breakdown and start running and screaming for the exit.

So in the spirit of our favorite excuse to wear ridiculous clothing and eat a lot of extra calories, Ross and I decided to round up our five favorite Halloween films for you guys, just to get you extra in the spirit of the day. And to show off our impeccable collection of Halloween films. Hocus Pocus is super very niche, you know? We doubt you’ve even heard of it. (Jk, jk.)

So, here are our five faves! They’re in no particular order.

Halloween Films: The Fly | Sundae Co.

The Fly – Directed by David Cronenberg (1986)
This should be on every list ever purely because it includes Jeff Goldblum (in his prime) and Geena Davis (just beginning to be a babe). But aside from the brilliant casting, it’s also one of the films with the most incredible practical effects we’ve ever seen. We’re not exactly experts, but could you imagine this updated with CGI? We just don’t think it would have the same effect. Also, can you blame us when you look at that poster? Damn, Goldblum.
Candy for watching: Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Gummy Worms

Halloween Films: The Craft | Sundae Co.

The Craft – Directed by Andrew Fleming (1996)
Hipster alternative queens everywhere would agree with us for including The Craft. Not only does it show major girl power, it also studies the dynamics of female relationships under the guise of kicking serious supernatural ass. We’re obsessed with the costume styling, obsessed with the soundtrack and fawning over the exceptional Fairuza Balk. Why is she not in every role ever?
Candy for watching: Charms Blow Pops

Halloween Films: The House of the Devil | Sundae Co.

The House of the Devil – Directed by Ti West (2009)
Real talk, this film scared the hell out of us. We watched it one night in college, holed up in my bed with all the lights off and boy, was that a MISTAKE. It was thrilling and suspenseful and the soundtrack was perfect for throwing us off our game. We thought we knew what was going to come next, but we were wrong at every turn. The best part about it? The nostalgia of the coloring, the style of the clothing and everything about it felt authentically 80s. It’s like the older, scarier sibling to Stranger Things.
Candy for watching: Kit Kat Bars

Halloween Films: Suspiria | Sundae Co.

Suspiria – Directed by Dario Argento (1977)
This is literally the most beautiful horror film we’ve ever seen. The coloring is exceptional (the red alone is enough to catch your eye) and the soundtrack is horrifying in the best way. The aesthetics might far outweigh the narrative, but there’s something so stunning about this witchcraft-laden ballerina tale that it’s impossible not to fall in love.
Candy for watching: Twizzlers

Halloween Films: Hocus Pocus | Sundae Co.

Hocus Pocus – Directed by Kenny Ortega (1993)
Did you think we’d do a list of favorite Halloween films and not include the iconic Hocus Pocus? From Thackery Binx (honestly what kind of name) to the surprisingly virginal Max Dennison (he sort of had game, didn’t he?), we were all sorts of in love with both dreamy big brothers. But beyond that, we had three incredible performances from Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy and the most badass Halloween band we’ve ever seen. It’s a perfect family classic but also entirely ok to watch as a cool and hip twenty something (It’s not cool to say “cool and hip” is it?)
Candy for watching: Clark Bar

So what do you think? Have any Halloween films you love? Let us know! We’re always looking for new ones to add to our lists!

Daria & Ross

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