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We Found An Apartment and I (We?) Can’t Wait to Decorate

Note: Yesterday was a hard day for both Ross and I. We are truly disappointed in the election results and worried for the future of this country. We hope this proves to be a wake-up call for the Democratic Party to rethink and regroup and we support the protests happening around the world. Trump is not our president. That being said, we’re diving back into this blog with full steam ahead, excited to continue creating something for ourselves that represents who we are and what we stand for and what we’re passionate about. Thank you for reading.

We finally found an apartment!

It’s a perfectly charming Tudor style building with pre-war accents and a one bedroom with original hardwood floors. I’m sort of in love and maybe only slightly obsessed. But it has a cute little built in pantry with a glass window in the kitchen and gorgeous tall windows and ledges for our cat to perch on and the bedroom is in the back, off the street. Sure, the kitchen and bathroom need new flooring (going in before our move-in date) and we have a lot of painting to do (builder-grade beige is anything but welcoming), but I can’t wait.

I’ve been living in between spaces for the past few months. Crashing with my parents and crashing with Josh, working my way back and forth as I run out of clothes or need to do laundry.

I’m ready to have my own space again. My own bed, my own closet, my own kitchen.

I’m ready to do that and I am so ready to move in with Josh. Hell, we’re practically living together now in his tiny studio apartment. But it’s officially more permanent now. We signed a lease together. There’s no going back now.

Ok, that sounds kinda ominous.

Serious connotations of moving in with your boyfriend aside, there’s a lot to plan in the next month. We officially move in the middle of December and while I’m still mostly packed from my Florida move (a leaning tower of boxes in my parents’ house currently), there still feels like a million things to do. Josh’s apartment needs to be completely packed up, we have a lot of minimizing to do and then we get to decide what we keep and what we don’t and how we’re balancing out design decisions.

The plan is to live small right now. We don’t need a huge amount of space, nor do we want to pay that kind of premium when we have so many other financial responsibilities (grad school, student loans). But I do want to invest in solid pieces where I can, and I want to come home from work to a home I really love.

For me, it doesn’t matter if its six months or six years- I’m gonna paint the walls, I’m gonna put up artwork, I’m gonna invest in the happiness my home brings me.

And now I have a whole apartment to do that in!

Apartment Floorplan | Sundae Co.


This is almost exactly our floorplan (we have another closet in the bedroom) and I really love the layout. The flow feels nice, the space feels bigger than 634 sq. ft. lets on and there are an amazing amount of windows in the space bringing in so much natural light.

I’m telling you, Sookie Cathouse is going to love it.

Sookie Cathouse At Your Service | Sundae Co.

Ok, next time I’m going to delve into each room and try and get my head around where we’d like to go design wise. We’re thinking a mix of modern and traditional with natural fabrics and warm color choices. Well, mostly. We’re thinking of doing dark navy on the bedroom walls. I’m into the idea of our bedroom feeling like a little cocoon which will only make it harder for me to get out of bed in the morning. Hm. That might not be a great thing for my boss.

Oh well.

Maybe I’ll do it anyway!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page to see the beginnings of the mood boards for the apartment and all of our current inspiration.


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