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2016 Holiday Gift Guide with Ross

The holidays. A time to celebrate life, surround yourself with loved ones and stress out over the perfect gift for your cousin Al, right?! Right. But that all changes today, people. I am here to present to you my picks for the first Sundae Co. Gift Guide! I am sure you all read and drooled over Daria’s picks earlier this week, so allow me to attempt to impress you all with my good taste in stuff. I have separated my picks into the WANT/NEED/WEAR/READ categories and chosen a gift for each that is under $25, under $50, under $200 and then a splurge item. Check them out below!

Sundae Co. | Ross Want

1. Old Fashioned Bitters | I am a whiskey drinker and love a glass on the rocks with a splash of these Fee Brothers bitters to add the perfect amount of flavor!
2. 7 Piece Bar Tool Set | I truly believe anyone can make a great cocktail and this BergHOFF barware set is a great starter pack for becoming the mixologist you always wished you were!
3. SodaStream Fountain Jet Starter Kit | I don’t drink soda, but I love seltzer water, so this SodaStream is my favorite thing I own!
4. Playstation | I haven’t owned a gaming console since my Nintendo64 and I am itching to get a Playstation so I can waste even more hours of my life away in front of my tv!

Sundae Co. | Ross Need

1. Yoga Bath Bomb | The Lush Yoga Bath Bomb is serenity in spherical form. I am new to the bath bomb train, but nothing relaxes me more than a hot tub and one of these bad boys!
2. Speck iPhone 6 Case | I drop my phone. A lot. And Speck never lets me down in protecting my phone in times of need.
3. Issa Sonic Toothbrush | Full disclosure: I go this toothbrush in a swag bag from a TV festival, but I can’t say enough about how much I love it. It is not as aggressive as other electric toothbrushes I’ve tried and the sleek design makes me feel like I am in the future every time I brush my teeth.
4. Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver | I have an oddly large collection of vinyl records for someone who doesn’t own a record player, so this would be a very welcome addition to my life.

Sundae Co. | Ross Wear

1. Men Heattech Tights | These tights (or do we call them longjohns?) have kept my legs warm through many winters! I love how tight they are, allowing you to wear them under even the skinniest of jeans!
2. 3pk Hipster Brief Set | These briefs are not only the cutest things ever (I love a good floral print!) but they are super comfortable too!
3. Blue Mountain Boots | I’m in love with these boots. That’s really all I have to say about that.
4. Mr. Turk Kennedy Suit | My dream is to own a closet full of suits (a la RuPaul Charles) and I would love to start with this gorgeous houndstooth and plaid number.

Sundae Co. | Ross Read

1. Swing Time | Zadie Smith has been one of my favorite authors for a while now so I am very excited to read her latest novel.
2. Dancers After Dark | Dancers are sexy. We know this. But photographer Jordan Matter took that concept one step further and gave us this NSFW coffee table book I can’t wait to get my eyes on.
3. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader | I am firm believer that books should have pages that you turn with your hands, but this Kindle is so much lighter than the massive novels I am partial to… I may need to get one to make reading on the subway easier on myself.
4. The Walt Disney Film Archives. The Animated Movies 1921–1968 | This is a Disney lovers dream book and I am definitely interested in seeing all the amazing images from the classic Disney era.

Well, what do you think? If I had my way, I’d be the proud owner of all of these items! What are your go-to gifts? What would you love to get this holiday season? Which of these gifts will you be buying me?! Happy shopping to you all!

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