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Friday Sounds: A Halloween Party Playlist That Doesn’t Suck

Ah, the old tattooed up punk rock Sailor costume I wore a few years ago- what an idea. I got to run around in my Chuck Taylors all night. It was incredible.

I can’t believe Halloween is Monday. Monday. What kind of cruel twist of fate for 2016? Haven’t we suffered enough already? What with the clowns and the Trump and the ridiculously cold weather NYC is experiencing right now? Honestly, why are we bundled before November? Why can’t we ever actually have an autumn! My ankles are cold.

Of course, I was the one to choose to wear the loafers today.


While I don’t take Halloween as seriously as Ross does (I don’t have the legs for all that ivy), it’s still hands down my favorite holiday of the year. I mean, come on, Hocus Pocus is on like every single night.

Side note: my best friends and I were definitely the Sanderson sisters one year- handmade cloaks and all and it was so much fun to saunter down the sidewalk with the wind blowing behind you. We felt very cool when we held out our pillowcases for candy. I’ll have to see if I can at least dig up some old photos. We had the best striped tights.

Hocus Pocus Amok! Amok! Halloween | Sundae Co.

For this Friday’s playlist extravaganza, I tried to put together a Halloween-themed playlist that wasn’t filled with weird Monster Mash-era jams. You know, the kind of Halloween playlist where your friends are gonna think you’re cool and hip and alternative. (Sounding very much like Regina George’s mom here, yikes.)

I have to admit, I’m more into the laid back approach this year. I didn’t even put my costume together until yesterday (and I still have a few pieces to pick up tonight). So, this playlist will be strictly for road trippin’ for me this time. A few friends, Josh, and I are going to Sleepy Hollow tomorrow. We’re going to scavenge through some cemeteries, eat something delicious and explore. (It’s like Salem-lite – a trip we constantly tell ourselves we’re going to do every single year. We’ll get to it. I feel as if I’m a Sanderson sister at heart, so it’s going to happen eventually.)

Until then, Ichabod and the Headless Horseman it is.

What are your plans for Halloweekend?

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