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I’m broke. And there is no time like when you’re broke to daydream about all the fabulous things you would do and all the glamorous places you would go if you had millions in the bank! Right? So, in an effort to let that daydream take one tiny step towards reality, I am going to share with you all of the most glamorous, weird, quirky and gorgeous hotels all over the world that I absolutely hope to stay in some day! This is the first in an ongoing series I have dubbed Daydream Destinations. I broke these dreamy hotels down into categories and made my choices based on my own system which took into account overall look, decor, views, activities, on-site perks and location. Read on and see my choices for the best hotels I currently can’t afford to stay in but totally will someday when I win the lottery or have some ridiculously high paying job or something…

Sundae Co. | Glamorous Hotels

Prince de Galles – Paris, France
Sundae Co. - Prince de Galles
This stunning hotel, located in the 8th arrondissement, was originally built in 1928 and despite undergoing a major renovation in 2013, has held onto all of it’s Art Deco charm! The hotel has incredible suites, a fitness and wellness center as well as being in walking distance from the Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe! I’d love to wake up and step out onto the terrace from L’appartment Parisien and sip tea while watching the sun rise over the city!

Katikies – Santorini, Greece
Sundae Co. | Katikies
This hotel is straight up Grecian Utopia. Every wall, towel and bedsheet is crisp white and that elevates the overall look of the hotel and makes it feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud floating above the water. This hotel boasts an incredible infinity pool, a world-class restaurant and a spa tucked away inside it’s walls. I can imagine spending a week tanning in the sun by the pool while my lover, Khronos, rubs SPF 100 onto my back. The life!

Four Seasons Seychelles – Petit Anse, Seychelles
Sundae Co. | Seychelles
Imagine getting to wake up and see that view every morning! This hotel is tucked away on a hillside above a curving beach on Mahe Island in the East African nation of Seychelles. The location offers the best of both worlds! You can spend the morning snorkeling through the coral reef off the coast and watch the sunset while on safari that night. The hotel also offers cooking classes in local cuisine so you can truly experience the culture while on vacation.

The Gritti Palace – Venice, Italy
Sundae Co. | Gritti Palace
This hotel dates back to 1475! Take that in for a minute. Imagine walking the halls and feeling the energy of over 500 years surround you! That rich history, plus the gorgeously plush interiors are giving me full on Marie Antoinette fantasies. I want to eat cake in a bathtub in these rooms. I don’t care that I’d be in Italy and not France. LET ME LIVE MY LIFE!

Ett Hem – Stockholm, Sweden
Sundae Co. | Ett Hem
This impeccably designed inn was curated by Ilse Crawford who was recently featured on the amazing Netflix documentary series Abstract, which you should all watch immediately. The hotel was originally built as a private residence in 1910 and is therefore tucked away in a residential area in Stockholm. The interior is designed in such a way that you feel at home in every room and I can’t imagine a more comfortable place to spend a weekend!

Sundae Co. | Resort Hotels

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort – Maui, Hawaii
Sundae Co. | Andaz Maui
Hawaii is arguably the most unique state in the US. It has it’s own rich history and it’s tropical island feel offers an incredible getaway without needing a passport! This resort is one of the best in the state! It has gorgeous beach views, a wide array of excursions and activities in the surrounding areas and a spa that will make you forget your job is waiting for you on Monday!

137 Pillars House – Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sundae Co. | 137 Pillars
This tranquil retreat is the perfect location for a relaxing, unplugged getaway. I dream of leaving my phone at home and escaping to this laid back resort tucked away in the lush greens surrounding the houses. The resort is run by a family who designed it after the traditional Baan Borneo, but have the best in modern cuisine and wellness for its guests.

The Oberoi Rajvilas – Jaipur, India
Sundae Co. | Rajvilas
This resort is set within a thirty-two acre garden built around an 18th century Shiva temple. The lands boast an indulgent spa, several poolside restaurants and all the yoga and meditation you need to unwind from your daily life. I’m not into yoga, but I could definitely get down with a nice glass of wine by that pool! That’s how I unwind. (unwine’d?)

The St. Regis Bali Resort – Bali, Indonesia
Sundae Co. | St Regis Bali
This resort is not only gorgeous, but it also has some of the best amenities around! An impressive spa, multiple pools (including a swimmable lagoon!) and a water sports center for the more adventurous traveler! Built right on the jungle-adjacent beach, every room offers a lush green of the surrounding flora and vibrant blue view of the tranquil ocean.

Tierra Atacama Boutique Hotel & Spa – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Sundae Co. | Tierra Atacama
This hotel offers a unique experience as it is located in the wide open spaces which offers its guests access to the adventure of the outdoors as well as the comfort of a resort. This much more casual resort offers many excursions into the surrounding areas in order to let guests get as authentic of an experience as they can! 4-Wheeling to the Altiplanic Lagoons. Visit the Puritama Hot Springs. Or stay in and relax on the deck by the pool. This hotel has something for everyone!

Sundae Co. | Tropical Hotels

Hotel Christopher – St. Barts
Sundae Co. | Christopher
It seems a requirement if your hotel is located on the beach to have an infinity pool facing it. But this resort pulls it off in style! This resort and spa located on the French-owned Caribbean island has plenty to offer, but no service more exciting then on-site babysitting! Leave the kids under their care for a few hours and get to enjoy the beach, pool and spa for a bit!

Jade Mountain – St. Lucia
Sundae Co. | Jade Mountain
This gorgeous resort is built on the side of a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea and their sister resort, Anse Chastanet, below. Each room is designed to face that sweeping view and features only three walls. Yes, that’s right! You sleep and wake up to that entirely unobstructed view every day. I literally can’t think of a more luxurious way to enjoy nature than to observe it from a four-post bed or from your personal pool outside each room. Looking up flights to St. Lucia ASAP.

Secret Bay – Dominica, West Indies
Sundae Co. | Secret Bay
Even at my age, if a place has secret in the name: sign me up. This secluded resort is made up of three unique villas that each allow guests to gaze out dreamingly over the private beaches below. The resort was designed with environmental responsibility in mind, which adds a warm fuzzy feeling to this already perfect paradise. Plus, it’s located on Ross Boulevard. This one writes itself, folks. These people need to invite me out for a stay! It’s FATE!

Cheval Blanc Randheli – Noonu Atoll, Maldives
Sundae Co. | Cheval Blanc
Cheval Blanc, or white horse, is located on the entirely secluded Noonu Atoll. This location offers bright blue waters, crisp white beaches and total peace and quiet. The rooms and villas on offer here are unlike any other! Impeccably designed and curated to ensure the utmost class and comfort. The resort features multiple restaurants and bars so you’ll happily be able to leave the real world behind and just enjoy your relaxing stay.

Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo Island, Australia
Sundae Co. | Southern Lodge
This sprawling resort is located on an island called Kangaroo Island. I mean. What more could you want out of a trip down under?! Besides the incredible views and modern luxury, the resort offers guests many excursions and safaris to get better acquainted with the animals that are indigenous to this part of the world. If I got to hang with a kangaroo AND sip martinis poolside in one trip, I’d be a very happy guy.

Sundae Co. | City Hotels

The Greenwich Hotel – New York City
Sundae Co. | The Greenwich
Potentially my favorite hotel on this list, the Greenwich Hotel is located in the heart of Tribeca. The hotel offers 88 rooms, suites and penthouses with no two rooms alike in design, layout or style. This is an interior design freaks dream! I want to see every single room in this hotel! I’m going to add that to my bucket list.

Mondrian London – London, England
Sundae Co. | Mondrian
This eclectic hotel sits on the bank of the Thames and offers guests a unique blend of classic cruise style and modern design. The hotel features some of the best restaurants in the area, bathhouse and spa and a world-famous cocktail lounge, Danelyan. Though, the bar I’d want to spend my evening is the rooftop Rumpus Room which overlooks the Thames and the city beyond!

The Peninsula Shanghai – Shanghai, China
Sundae Co. | Peninsula Shanghai
This hotel opened in 2009 to rave reviews. It was among the first new building to be constructed along the historic Bund district in Shanghai. This hotel offers guests a selection of special courses in their Peninsula Academy, with classes in fashion, contemporary art and even chocolate making!

The Beekman – New York City
Sundae Co. | Beekman
I know! Another in NYC, but I couldn’t pick just one! This NYC landmark hotel was originally built in 1883! It laid in ruin and neglect for years until it was renovated and transformed into the elegant hotel it is today. The new design calls back to its original era while injecting the space with a modern flair. The hotel boasts an Instagram-worthy 9-story main atrium in the center of the building lit from above by a pyramidal skylight that will take your breath away! The hotel doubles as a museum, displaying art curated by Katherine Glass.

Pulitzer Amsterdamn – The Netherlands
Sundae Co. | Pulitzer Amsterdam
This hotel consists of 25 restored 17th- and 18th-century canal houses all connected together and sharing a large back garden space! The grandson of Joseph Pulitzer (founder of the Pulitzer Prize) is the mastermind behind this endeavor and it took him over 30 years to expand to the hotels current state. The Pulitzer offers guests a relaxing getaway from the bustling city and noisy canals as well as a chance to escape the streets and take a cruise on their salon boat from 1909!

Sundae Co. | Quirky Hotels

Pantone Hotel – Brussels, Belgium
Sundae Co. | Pantone Hotel
Ok, this is a dream come true. You all know we love Pantone here so getting to stay an official Pantone is a total bucket list item! This hotel is covered in Pantone colors with each room highlighting their unique color scheme used throughout with color cards on the walls. The hotel is in the center of Brussels which allows guests to explore the city (on Pantone-colored bikes of course!) with ease and style!

Buttercup Inn – Cahuita, Costa Rica
Sundae Co. | Buttercup Inn
This is by far the least glamorous of all the hotels on this list, but SLOTHS. I mean. Come on. This little inn is situated on the property of the Sloth Sanctuary and offers daily tours of their facilities and surrounding jungle. You are guaranteed to see dozens of the cute and furry guys during your stay, but are strictly forbidden from smuggling one home with you. Which is rude.

Levin Iglut – Levi, Finland
Sundae Co. | Levin Iglut
This hotel checks off so many bucket list items it is insane. Sleeping in a glass igloo under the stars? Check. Getting to see the Northern Lights? Check. Getting to take in the sight of miles and miles of untouched snow while cozying up to a fire in bed? Check. As much as I hate the snow, I think I would love a nice retreat to Finland someday! Maybe.

The Manta Resort – Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Sundae Co. | The Manta Resort
This choice is borderline tropical, but the fact that this remote resort offers a floating, underwater room is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen! Sunbathe and stargaze from the rooftop deck or slip 4 meters below the surface of the ocean to sleep among the fish and sea life 250 meters off the coast. The mainland resort offers excursions to local places of interest as well as sea front villas and garden rooms if you’d rather stay on solid ground!

Wanderlust Hotel – Kallang, Singapore
Sundae Co. | Wanderlust
This zany little hotel offers 29 unique rooms all designed with a wink by local agencies who went all out in making this a one of a kind stay! From rooms that are entirely monochromatic, to rooms with a spaceship in them – this hotel has it all! I love the off-the-wall design in use here and if you know me, you know how much I would love to stay in an all orange room!

So those are my choices for the most glamorous, tropical, resort, city and quirky hotels around the world! I am adding all 25 of these to my bucket list and will certainly hope to make it to all of them someday! What hotels do you want to stay in? What hotels have you loved staying in? What is your favorite place to visit? Tell me in the comments below! Safe travels!

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