Let’s Talk About Our 2017 Resolutions, Okay?

I’ve been thinking about my 2017 resolutions since before the New Year. I’ve been having a hard time, honestly. Because every single year I think of the same damn things and every single year I find myself letting it all go before it even reaches March.

It’s always “I want to lose weight” or “Stop eating macaroni and cheese like it’s my job” or something having to do with how much time I spend online.

Self-control is not something I dabble in all too frequently.

And well…

I do what I want!


Maybe “I do what I want” needs to somehow coincide with the happiness and healthiness I feel like I’m lacking.

That’s a trigger, isn’t it? Lacking happiness?

It’s no shock to anyone who knows me that depression has been something that I’ve been dealing with since I was a teenager. Maybe younger. Maybe before I even knew what the name of it was. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to deal with that almost as long. I’ve gone to therapy, I’m taking medicine (which has definitely helped) and I’ve been trying to feel less ashamed. It’s a stigma, but it’s one that seems to follow more people I know than not.

So this year, I wanted to find solutions to how I’ve been feeling, resolutions that will have more to do with self-care than another tired weight-loss journey or fruitless junk food ban. Because let’s be real, the bowl of Annie’s Organic White Cheddar isn’t the problem.

1. Find a daily routine and stick to it.

I think this is more than a “wash face, moisturize” kind of deal. I don’t have the best sleeping habits, and I definitely fall prey to the snooze button. So, maybe I need to grow up a little bit. Maybe that 6:25AM buzzer doesn’t need another ten minutes. Maybe I need to wake up, stretch, and hop into the shower before I let the dark side convince me it’s ok to bury my head under the comforter.

And on top of that- indulge in a little skin care. I’m not afraid to admit that I often fall asleep without washing off my make-up. Sometimes the lazy is seriously that strong. I’m trying to change that.

2. Get physical.

I’m not talking Olivia Newton-John and pastel leggings. I’m talking about the severe lack of exercise in my life. I walk a lot- I work in New York and I tend to skip the subway sometimes in favor of extra long walks. But the last time I stepped foot in a gym was July. Seriously. With Ross, actually. And that had been the first time in nearly a month prior to that. Not a good look. Especially when your metabolism has realized you’re not 19 anymore.

I want to figure out something that keeps me motivated- yoga or barre or spin. I can do the gym thing, but that can’t be all I do. My boredom knows no limits.

3. Create better relationships with family.

I’m crazy lucky. I actually love my family. I’ve seriously hit the mom jackpot and I consider my baby brother one of my best friends. And when it comes to grandparents and extended family, I’m pretty good there too. Which is why I’d like to cultivate better friendships with them. We’re all older now and the time spent feels more meaningful. I want to take advantage of that.

4. Work harder.

Between this blog and my actual 9-5, I’m in a position where I’m actually waking up in the morning to do something I love. And I feel like not everyone can say that. But it can easily slip from my fingers if I’m not careful. Anxiety and depression can rear their ugly heads even at the best of times and the best way for me to move past it is to put my focus where it matters. Carrie Fisher’s life has always inspired me. Because with all of the bad in her life, there was some really extraordinary stuff. She was a pioneer in her own right and not only called out her mental illness, she embraced it. And I find that incredible. I want to make this job into a career that really lasts. So, I’m making a promise to myself to put in the effort and follow my intuition when it comes to new projects and ideas. I won’t know until I ask, right?

5. Do Good.

These next few years are going to be hard. For a lot of people. Harder than we see now. For me, this means care more than I already do. I’m one lucky duck. I know this, and I recognize the privilege in my life. It’s given me opportunities and chances to get where I am now. And not everyone is in the boat I am. Which is why I’m going to be budgeting to give a little bit each month to a few of my favorite organizations (the ACLU, SPLC, Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter)- and why I’m working to sign up for more volunteer opportunities. It just feels right.

So, what about you guys?

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