My Life: A Sundae Co. 2016 Round-Up

Well, I have spent all week sharing with you my favorite movies, music, books and tv shows from 2016. It only felt right, that we should end this week by sharing my favorite moments and memories from my year! 2016 was a rough year, but as it comes to an end, I am forcing myself to look back and see all the good times I was lucky enough to be a part of! So, let’s do this chronologically, shall we?

Sundae Co. | Nephews Born

January 17th – My nephews were born

One day in July of last year, I was walking to dinner to meet my friend and my sister called. She told me she just sent me a picture of something they want for the new house and she wants me to hang up, look at it and then call her back. I do so and the picture comes through. At first it looked like some kind of blueprint or weird tile – then I realized I was staring at an ultrasound. I immediately called her back crying and screaming and jumping up and down and she drops even greater news. “Not one baby…two!” Twins! I was ecstatic! The boys came out super early and had a rough first few weeks, but seeing my sister be a mom has been one of the best things in my life, let alone this year.

Sundae Co. | TWC

February – The Welcoming Committee

In January, I joined a group that hosted parties and events for people within the LGBT community as an event coordinator of sorts. In all honesty, it was a really poorly run organization, but led me to make some incredible friendships, be a more social and outgoing person and get to help run some really fun events all over the city. This picture was from the Valentine’s Day party we threw on a rainy night at a really crappy sports bar, but turned out to be so much fun thanks to the people in this picture and the people who did show up to hang out and party with us. The group shuttered in March and I definitely miss the idea behind it…maybe I should start a similar group? Hmm…

Sundae Co. | Fun Home

March 8th – Saw Fun Home on Broadway

Sundae Co. | Noises Off

March 9th – Saw Noises Off on Broadway

On March 8th, I luckily won the Fun Home lottery through TodayTix and was totally blown away by what everyone was telling me was an incredible musical. Set in a theater-in-the-round, there really is no bad seat, but I was in the 4th row back and had an unforgettable experience. It was such a beautiful and touching musical and I am so glad I got to see it.
The next day my friend and I bought tickets to see Noises Off on Broadway in its last week because I had wanted to see it since they announced it months prior. I had never seen the play before, but read it a few times and watch the movie version all the time! (If you haven’t seen the 1992 film version starring Michael Caine, Carol Burnett and Christopher Reeve, I highly recommend it!) I laughed from beginning to end. Andrea Martin was perfect (when is she not perfect?) and the entire show was even better than I expected it to be! I think those back to back shows are the only theater I saw this year, sadly!

Sundae Co. | Ross and Dorseys

March 29th – Finally got to meet my newphews

In March, it finally came time for me to fly out and meet my nephews! I was so excited to finally get to meet and hold and snuggle and love them! Twins are hard work, so I think we left my sisters house once, to get smoothies, in the five days I was there, but that was just fine with me. These boys (despite their faces of pure anguish in the above picture) are the cutest things I have ever seen. And with their addition to my stepsisters’ two boys and my stepbrothers’ son, I now have five nephews total. You know what that means… BOY BAND!

Sundae Co. | I Support Sanders

April 3rd – Shot “I Support Sanders” piece

In April I had the opportunity to be a part of a PSA produced by the Filmmakers for Sanders organization and I was thrilled. Politics aside, getting to be a voice of support for any candidate you truly believe in is a very powerful and exciting thing. I was among some incredible others in the piece (Justin Long and Gaby Hoffman to name two!) and spoke on my support for Sanders due to his support for the LGBT community. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the final cut, but if you pause at just the right time, you’ll see my very dramatic and super cliche head lift…

Sundae Co. | Drag Race S8 Finale

May 16th – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 live finale

My biggest regret this year is leaving RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season 2 off of my Best Of TV roundup, because that was some damn good tv. But, one of my major highlights from this year was getting to be at the Season 8 finale party where *SPOILER ALERT* Bob the Drag Queen was crowned and given her large check after finding out she won her season! We were dazzled by performances from Thorgy Thor, Chi Chi Devayne, Violet Chachki, Shangela and the top 3, Bob, Kimchi and Naomi! It was such a fun night and I can’t wait to see what season 9 has in store for us!

June 8th – Saw Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour
I was sitting at work feeling down about the fact that I wasn’t going to see Beyoncé that night when my friend Dean asked me to look one more time for tickets… 8 hours later we arrived at our seats, which were surprisingly great, but all the way to the side so we missed most of the visuals. But we didn’t come for the visuals. We can for the Bey. I don’t think we sat down once the entire time. We danced, we sang along, we nearly cried. It was the second time I had seen Bey in concert and didn’t disappoint! (Though for the Mrs. Carter World Tour I was about 10 feet from the stage and that will forever be my best concert experience!)

June 24th & 25th – Went to KCon
I am a huge Kpop fan, but living in the US means the chance to see these groups and singers perform is pretty rare. Enter KCon. An explosion of Korean culture, food, music and stars! My friend and I got the 2-day pass so we could see all our favorites and it was a blast! Our seats were pretty terrible, but it was still so exciting getting to see Seventeen, Mamamoo, BTS, Ailee, Eric Nam and more! It was a long weekend with a lot of standing around, but so worth it!

Sundae Co. | Miami Bday

July 4th – Birthday in Miami with my best friends

This year for my birthday, I decided to not worry about planning any parties or outings and keep it simple. Daria was still living in Florida at the time, so I suggested that our other best friend and I come down for a few days and spend my birthday in Miami. It was actually our first vacation together and it was perfect. We ate, drank, beached and drag queen brunched our way through the weekend and it was by far the best birthday to date! And now I know exactly what I want to do next year!

Sundae Co. | Title

October 11th – Started Sundae Co. with Daria

Daria and I had always wanted to do something together, whether it be a project or opening up a business and it finally culminated in this blog! We launched back in October and already I know this was the best thing I did this year. It is so fun to collaborate with my best friend on what we want to post and how we want to develop the blog. I am so happy with what we have done and can’t wait to see what next year will bring us! And you!

October 31st – Poison Ivy Halloween
This was my best Halloween costume and I am still so proud of it. I looked gorgeous and still can’t quite feel the middle toe on my right foot…damn heels! Read all about my Halloweekend here.

Sundae Co. | Tokyo Toilet

November 12th-November 27th – Seoul & Tokyo trip

I knew I wanted to go on a big trip this year, and to finish the year off strong, I went to Seoul and Tokyo for 2 weeks! It was incredible and fun and amazing! I hung out with owls, danced til 4am, got lost more times than I can count, developed a major crush on a waiter, gained 10 pounds from all the food and survived an earthquake. Read all about my week in Seoul here and my week in Tokyo here!

So that’s my year in review! My December has been a little dull (job-searching and watching a lot of Netflix) but I am excited to spend the holidays with family and try to mentally prepare myself for 2017! What were your 2016 highlights?

Thanks for spending the week with me as we recapped the best of the past year! Had a great time compiling these lists and hope you enjoyed reading them!

See you in 2017!

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