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Loved Up Living: Our Living Room Inspiration

Photo by Mike Baker, Stylist Heather Nette King

So, Ross abandoned me. Yes, it’s true. The jerk just picked up and FLEW TO SEOUL TO HAVE THE VACATION OF HIS LIFE. And where am I? NOT IN SEOUL. That’s for sure. No, I’m going to work and dealing with the ridiculously fickle New York City temperatures and waiting for my best friend to come home so I can properly bug him about all the things I want to buy for the new apartment and especially for the new living room.

He’s my sounding board. My “Does this look good?” when I find an especially awesome piece of art from Beth Winterburn and my “This is dumb, right?” to settle me down when I get so excited about a design project that I’m trying to paint an entire living room black, or something.

(I’ll paint a room black one day. I WILL.)

Speaking of, can we all take a moment to drool over that stunning space above? The contrast between the black walls and the burgundy velvet is just everything to the witchy vibes inside of me. It’s like something out of a modern Practical Magic.

Moving on.

I’ve been thinking about the living room a lot.

It’s the focal point of the apartment. And it’s the one room where I’ve adopted some of Josh’s furniture that doesn’t naturally fit into my aesthetics. Still, they’re solid and beautiful pieces and I’m kind of secretly obsessed with this vintage rug we’ve scored from his grandparents. It’s bold and colorful with warm reds and blues and beiges in a print vaguely reminiscent of traditional and moroccan styles.

Still, I’m a neutral girl in the grayer scales. So, this is different.

I’ve been pulling together inspiration images from Pinterest for a few days now, trying to get a grasp on what I’d like to do with the space. Do we splurge on a leather side chair? Do we paint the shelf we’re going to be using for the TV stand? Or do we find something completely new? We’re trying to do this in a smart way, not just buying to buy.

Still, it’s way too fun to peruse images and see what sticks out to me the most.

Living Room: Brady Tolbert | Sundae Co.Photo by Zeke Ruelas, Stylist Brady Tolbert

Mix Chic Living Room | Sundae Co.Photo by Tessa Neustadt, Styling Amber Interiors

Eclectic Living Room via AT | Sundae Co.Photo by Selena Kirchhoff

Living Room: TV Solution via Domino | Sundae Co.Photo by Robert Peterson via Domino

There’s a whole lot of amazing going on in the above. I see a mix of textures and fabrics that really embody what I’d like in the space. The beautiful sofa we inherited (also from his grandparents) is a caramel colored upholstery that makes matching a very interesting issue for Josh and I. But between the colors in the rug and the warmth of the sofa, I think it’s important to bring in bright art on the walls and accent it with little spots of metallic – and I am majorly crushing on the brass coffee table in Brady’s living room.

Still, it’s a bit of a change for me specifically. My last living room was all mid-century grays and brass lamps and a white flokati rug. But looking back, maybe it felt a little washed out. Maybe, I don’t know. I hardly did much with the space in general because I knew I wasn’t going to be lasting in Florida for very long.

I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to the darker tones we’re using in the new space, especially because we have such great natural light that comes in through the windows.

And then you have the whole television issue. I mean, it is an issue right? The big black box in the middle of the wall, looking all techy, leading to lots of Netflix binging and Destiny playing and whatever. It’s not pretty, so I’m thinking we blend it into the wall. There’s no way we’re going TV-free (how else will I watch my Stranger Things? Or my Real Housewives?), so this seems like our best option.

And I think it’s going to work! I’m excited to source some great art for the project, too.

Mostly, I’m just ready to get inside. Can you tell?

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    Love you. Miss you. Can’t wait to help decorate and paint and Netflix-binge when I get back!

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