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Living Together, Binging TV Together, Avoiding Together

Living together with your boyfriend brings on a lot of questions.

Mostly, ones like “Do you hate each other yet?” or “Who’s the messiest?” or “Does this mean you’re getting married?”

Do I have the answers to those? Some yes, but others? Hell no. Hell no.

Story time:

When Josh first reached out to me, asking to get tea, I let his message linger in my inbox for like, a week. Maybe longer. I definitely wasn’t expecting it because we hadn’t talked in years, not since sometime in college. I had basically given up on the idea of dating. I’d had one flop relationship (if you could even call them that) after another.

But there was something telling me to give it a shot. So, I replied.

I’m going to breeze by the fact that it still took me a few months after that before I admitted to myself that I actually cared about him. I was tough to crack.

Fast forward to now?

We’ve officially been living together for 38 days (who’s counting?) and we’re easing up on a year and a half of dating and I think we’re just, really great.

Living together HAS been interesting, though. Not interesting in a passive aggressive way (don’t worry, Josh). But a way in which I am pleasantly surprised every single day. Friends might be rolling their eyes, like, “Give it some actual time” and while I’m prone to agree with them, I’m kinda just living in my luckiness.

We’d been practically living together in his studio apartment for months, anyway. So to officially share a lease has felt a little bit like a breeze.

We’re still working out the kinks, though.


Living Together: Partying Together | Sundae Co.
We have different ideas on design, which I’ve talked about before, and we don’t always see eye to eye on the idea of where things should go. This might be on me – I think I have this Monica Geller thing happening. I don’t blame him for not understanding my pantry organizing techniques. Or why I insist on rearranging the throw pillows sixty times a day.

Otherwise, there is honestly nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching an episode of The Walking Dead in our pajamas. Which, by the way, we are SO CLOSE to catching up with the current season.


Living Together: Sookie | Sundae Co.


Not gonna lie, I have a million different things I could say when we get the “When are you getting engaged?” “Are you guys gonna get married?” questions. But it isn’t really any of their business and when Josh and I haven’t even discussed it, how do do you expect us to even have a good answer for you?

We’re just happy we’re at this point now. The more we try and think about what comes next, the less we’re actually in the moment, right? The less we get to enjoy the time we have together before a million other things creep up on us.

I think we get to thrive now.

We get to travel and watch a lot of television and play with our cat and discover new restaurants and argue about whether or not we’re going to hang my favorite print ever up in the bathroom.

That’s what comes next.

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  • Reply audrey January 26, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    i think i’ve already already established this, but: dibs on the warhol butt if you can’t convince josh.

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