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Daria’s Bedroom Inspiration For The New Apartment

Photo by Sanna Tranlöv
Last time we chatted about the apartment, I was going through all my favorite inspiration images for the living room and crushing on Josh’s grandparents for having great taste in furniture and for also having the good sense to pass it on to us. (Thanks, Susu!) But while those colors tended to be more neutral and more bright, the rooms I’ve been looking at for bedroom inspiration have definitely been on the moodier side of my typical aesthetics.

Remember how we talked about black walls and I briefly decided I wanted to live with crushed velvet and matte black molding? (I have such luxurious fantasies.)

Well, we’re sticking with the dark (!) but thinking more on the navy side of things.

As tempting as black is, I just don’t think the space will benefit. It’s not the largest bedroom in the world, but it does seem to get decent light and I think a rich navy color will be just perfect- especially with the molding to add texture.

And honestly, I was shocked when Josh agreed. I never took him for someone willing to go bold on the walls, but it made me love him all the more that he said yes. Whether he truly likes it, or he was saying yes because he saw how excited I was, I have no idea. But I don’t care, because I just know it’s going to look incredible.

Bedroom Inspiration - Dark & Moody | Sundae Co.Photo by Bosthlm, via Seventeen Doors

Bedroom Inspiration - Dark & Moody | Sundae Co.Photo by Bosthlm, via Seventeen Doors

The trick, I think, it to stay minimal everywhere else. We don’t have much in furniture right now- just our dressers. And while I think we might need to invest in a wardrobe at some point (seriously, not all that much in closet space), I’m hoping we can keep the space limited. Just a comfy bed, someplace to put our clothes and some seriously good art on the walls.

The floors are original hardwood, and they’re in a great natural walnut with original dark boarders. Can you tell I’m in love?

I think the juxtaposition of dark walls and warm, rich wood is going to make it impossible for me to want to get up in the morning. Which is kind of exactly what I’m looking for! I want to cocoon and curl up and cling to the covers and to Josh and pretend it’s a Saturday morning where we have zero plans.

Bedroom Inspiration | Sundae Co.Photo by Deb Achak, Styling by Tiffany Wendel

And while the temptation to paint it all dark is there, there’s something about the bright white molding and drop ceiling that is entirely too cool and modern for me to not think about. The molding was going to be a classic bright white anyway, but maybe we don’t paint all the way up to the ceiling?

Choices, choices!

What do you think about the bedroom inspiration? Have you ever had dark walls before? I have to admit, I’ve had more muted tones, but nothing ever in this family- and I am so excited to see it happen.

Soon enough we’ll be moving into the space and I’ll be able to take proper before photos too.

Until then, I’ll be pinning away on Pinterest and dreaming about all the vintage rugs I want to score on eBay.

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