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This is not a sponsored post. This is an open love letter.

Dear Restoration Hardware,

Hello. It’s me. I figured after years of lusting after you from afar, I would finally reach out and say that I think I love you. I know… It’s crazy! We’ve never met! I’ve walked by you dozens of times, too shy to step through your doors. I’ve gazed longingly at your website. And last week, our fates magically aligned.

Sundae Co. | RH Catalogue

I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but a beautiful 665 page RH catalogue was squished into my mailbox and I nearly wept with joy. I have spent countless hours flipping through every page and marking my favorite pieces of furniture, art and decor to fill the home I do not have. I could not hold my feelings in any longer. Thus, I present to you (and to anyone reading this) my Restoration Hardware Lottery List*.

*A term I just created that consists of things I would buy if I won the lottery

My style is kind of all over the place. I love classic and simple. But also Industrial. And also Art Deco. And Mid-century. But also ultra-modern. So…this dream home is kind of a mix of all of that. And I love that. It’s my own style, which we will call Mid Deco Mod.

My RH Lottery List Living Room:
Sundae Co. | RH Living Room Sofa
This Italian Taper Arm Fabric Sofa is not only gorgeous, but sleek and sexy and I want to lounge on it while sipping a whiskey on the rocks. I would get it in the Belgian Linen and I think a nice Fog color is perfect for my taste.

Sundae Co. | Coffee Table
This Metal Parquet Coffee Table is incredible. I love the textured pattern on top so much!

Sundae Co. | Living Room Chairs
I would have one Reginald Fabric Chair and one Milo Baughman Model #3426, 1968 Fabric Chair on the other side of the coffee table for a more singular lounging experience! I’d have both of these chairs in the Belgian Linen, but in the slightly darker Graphite color to add some contrast to the room.

Sundae Co. | Side Tables
Beside each of the chairs, I would have the incredibly cool 1930’s Martini Side Table so my guests can rest their martinis (or milkshakes or cups of tea) in style.

Sundae Co. | Floor Lamp
I have always equated success with oversized lighting and having this Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp in my living room would allow me to live out all of my old Hollywood glamour fantasies!

Sundae Co. | Living Room Storage
For storage, I love these Dutch Industrial Shelves to store books, games, vases or some cute decor. I would also love a huge tv propped up on the matching Dutch Industrial Media Console!

My RH Lottery List Dining Room:
Sundae Co. | Dining Table
Did I mention my affinity for marble? I love this Aero Marble Round Dining Table so much it hurts! Super sexy and just eating dinner at this table would make me feel so good every day. I also love the idea of circling it with these Remy Side Chair‘s in Burnished Steel, Gunmetal and Black to add some quirk to the room.

Sundae Co. | Dining Light
In keeping with the industrial look for the room, I love this 20th Century Factory Filament Metal Triple Pendant light centered above the dining room table.

Sundae Co. | Bar
And for after-dinner cocktails, I’d roll over this classic iron-and-wood Warehouse Trolley Bar Cart and sit up against my bar with these amazing Vintage Toledo Bar Chairs. I love the slight pop of color with the green body and the contrast with that warm wood.

My RH Lottery List Bedroom:
Sundae Co. | Bed
I have dreamed of a huge bed with a big, elegant headboard for years, and this La Salle Metal-Wrapped Platform Bed is exactly what I was dreaming of. I love the look of the antiqued metal and would feel super glamorous waking up in this every morning! Though knowing my clumsy self, I’d have to be careful around those sharp edges!

Sundae Co. | Dressers
As far as bedroom furniture, I love the look of the matching La Salle Dresser and La Salle Open Nightstands to complete the bedroom.

My RH Lottery List Bathroom:
Sundae Co. | Bathroom
I am definitely a shower guy, but if I had my druthers I’d have this insanely charming Piedmont Pedestal Soaking Tub to toss a bath bomb into an unwind! Plus this shiny, marble and metal dream La Salle Extra-Wide Vanity would make my bathroom such a lovely space!

This dream home of mine would be super eclectic and just my Mid Deco Mod style and I could do it all with you, my dear, Restoration Hardware! I could spend another two or three posts going into further details about this dream home… (I have curtains and towels and dishes and art, etc. all picked out already!) But I have let this go on long enough. I will continue to hope that a large amount of money falls into my lap, but until then, I can dream…

Love always,

P.S. Just found out about the crazy tempting RH Members Program! For just a $100 annual fee, members get 25% off all RH items, complimentary design services AND concierge service! Sign. Me. Up.

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