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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “9021-Ho” Recap

9021-Oh my gosh this was such a fun episode! Lights, Camera, Tori Spelling! Let’s get right into this gig, girls.

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

Cucu is gone and I’m not going to talk about her anymore. The girls recover from the runway and untuck while Nina spews more of her “I need to get it together” speeches and Shea says she gets no more special treatment from her and thank goodness. Just focus on winning, Shea. Anyways, Ru comes in and tells the queens that they will be acting out their 90’s fantasy in a dragtastic rumake of the classic soap, 90210, aptly named “9021-Ho” because after all this is still Drag Race and the puns never stop.

Peppermint won the LSFYL last week and for that is give a really good (if not dangerous) task to assign the roles for the challenge. She asks everyone for their preferred roles and then gives them out to her heart’s content anyways. Aja throws a hissy fit about not getting the role she wanted and Shea graciously offers to swap roles – important to note as Shea *kills* it in the role and Aja does *nothing* with hers. eyeroll

As the resident 90210 expert, Alexis rather obnoxiously(?) offers unwarranted advice to all of the girls on their looks and this was the first time since the competition started that I was fully annoyed at her. Don’t do that again, girl. We get right into the challenge, with our special guest directors Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling who may or may not have sacrificed virgins to stay young.

Sundae Co. | Jennie Garth gif

Sundae Co. | Tori Spelling gif

As far as acting skits go, I think this was my favorite so far. I loved it. Everyone had a chance to shine (or fall flat) and some queens really ran with their characters and made it really hard for me to pick my favorite scene-stealer. Though during the filming, it seemed to me like Valentina, Trinity, Shea and Peppermint did the best and had the most fun with their parts.

Sundae Co. | Valentina 9021Ho gif

Sundae Co. | Trinity 9021Ho gif

Sundae Co. | Shea 9021Ho gif

Sundae Co. | Peppermint 9021Ho gif

I can say without a doubt, that I was fully and entirely and wholly annoyed and over Nina. Have I told you that before? This was too much. I can’t understand her when she talks. She has a terrible attitude. And I am truly not sure why she is still here. But I digress. We cut right to the runway and the theme is hair BIG hair! How exciting! Some really fun looks, including Alexis’ Ursula/Hades but hairy look, which I thought was fun!

Sundae Co. | Alexis Hair runway gif

I also really enjoyed Peppermint’s look. Finally. It feels good to say that. She looked fierce and I don’t think we are talking about it enough.

Sundae Co. | Pep Hair runway gif

Other looks I loved were Sasha’s punk-not-pageant look. So original. So funky. So Sasha. And was pretty damn obsessed with Shea’s Girl With the Big Gulp look. Stunning. I love her more and more each week. And damn, Valentina. I keep hearing a lot of hate about her, but she has secured a spot in my dream Top 3. I am really feeling her this season.

Sundae Co. | Sasha Hair runway gif

Sundae Co. | Shea Hair runway gif

Sundae Co. | Valentina Hair runway gif

(This is where I don’t read Nina for doing another somewhat sloppy makeup look in lieu of doing something else exciting or different and I am bored. Moving on.)

I was honestly not that into Trinity’s look, so when Ru announced her as the winner, I was kind of shocked. Not that she didn’t do a fantastically funny job in the skit, I just didn’t really know where Ru was leaning between Valentina, Trinity or Shea. I’d have understood if any of them one, I suppose. Does this make her the first queen this season to win two challenges? I can’t keep track.

Now we need to talk about my favorite moment of the season so far. When Aja strolls down the runway in her McQueen inspired look (which I didn’t hate, by the way) and Ru starts off strong with one of her runway puns – punways?

“I know why the caged queen s…does something..?”

And then I hit pause, cackled, went back and watched it approx. two to ten more times and then continued on with the episode. Ahh, good times.

We see Aja slip down to the bottom again, joined by Nina (her second time down here) and Sasha (who totally didn’t deserve this, but whatever…) Aja and Nina lip sync against each other and while Aja pulled out the classic cartwheel-into-a-split move, she kind of looked like she was on the verge of tears the entire time? And Nina did stuff too (I guess?), Ru sends Aja packin’ and gives Nina yet another shot to prove herself… When the cast was first leaked, the big rumor was that Aja makes it to the top 3 and I was super confused how that happened given her track record so far, so seeing her go cleared that all up.

We wrap this episode with a teary goodbye and now we’re down to the Top 8. Which means when the finale party happens, I will get to see all the remaining queens perform, which is terribly exciting to think about! I missed the preview for next week, so I am not sure what to expect, but I can’t wait – obviously.

Stay tuned! See you kiddies next week!

Sundae Co. | RPDRS9E7 Scorecard

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