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RuPauls Drag Race S9 – “Category Is…” Recap

Daaaaaaaaang this season really redeemed itself, didn’t it?! This episode brings us from the Top Four to the…Top FOUR?! Let’s discuss!

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

Category is…Alexis is Gone Realness!

The girls recover after losing another sister, but bond over the fact that they are all amazing and super excited to be together in the Top 4. And as is tradition, Michelle comes into the workroom to dole out their last challenge of the season! They are to each write, record and perform to an original verse on a new remix of Ru’s “Category Is…” off of her last album, Butch Queen. Obviously, the producers were trying to capitalize on the success of the instant classic “Read U Wrote U” from All-Stars S2… Let’s see if it works…

Category Is… Write A Song!

The queens each take turns heading into the studio to record under the tutelage of Todrick Hall. Shea is going for a fast rap, Sasha is going for an intellectual, spoken word style, Peppermint is giving you her own blend of rap and singing and Trinity is doing something with words and rhythms that no one can fully understand. Going into this episode, I will admit I was fully the Top 3 was going to be Shea, Sasha and Trinity. I just didn’t think Pep would make the cut. But after watching them all record, I started to question that actually happening more and more.

Category is… Podcast Eleganza Extravaganza!

The girls all swing by the set of my favorite podcast, What’s the Tee (which if you haven’t listened to it yet, you must). Sasha discusses her mother’s illness as her inspiration to do drag and how much Papa Velour loves her art. Peppermint dives into what it means to be a trans drag performer and her struggles with coming out as trans. Trinity sheds more light on her difficult childhood and her relationship with her grandmother. Shea discusses her growing up in a predominately white neighborhood and how drag allowed her to fully be herself and express her inner feelings and attitude. And of course, every queens goes home with a Squatty Potty, the official sponsor for the podcast…

Category is… Dance Dance Dance!

After recording their verses, the girls now have to learn the choreography to go along with them. They head to the main stage to learn from Todrick Hall – who is serving double duty here. Peppermint picks up the moves with ease, as does Shea – they are both dancers and don’t seem to break a sweat here. Poor Sasha just can’t get her limbs to do what Todrick wants them to and The Tuck seems to be struggling quite a lot as well. Uh oh. My prediction seems to be getting farther and farther from reality…

Category is… Category is…

It’s time for the main performance and oh boy it was a lot! Let’s go verse by verse, shall we?

Sundae Co. | Top 4

Peppermint starts us strong with her sugary sweet verse. She totally commands the stage and is serving diva attitude up on that stage. She’s the P-E-P-P-E-R…bitch, you know the rest!

Sundae Co. | Peppermint Category Is

Sasha climbs onto stage and gives her weird, wild verse a crazy turn. She is the one queen who you can always trust to be herself. She jumps from chair to chair, spins and twirls and gets lifted up while screaming… What is not to love? And Ru seems to be enjoying herself watching her. I loved it.

Sundae Co. | Sasha Category Is

Trinity pops up in front of the judges looking more tucked than ever. She is giving us some Roxxxy Andrews Realness here with her slow rap and interesting lyrics… She looks great doing it, so I can’t fault her too much, but… #choices

Sundae Co. | Trinity Category Is

Shea comes in swinging a bat and slaying the stage. It was truly best for last here, as Shea kills her rap. She is giving us full on Beyonceé levels of performance and I was really loving it. When she drops the bat and that dancer catches it… OOOH! I screamed. She certainly does always bring it to the runway.

Sundae Co. | Shea Category Is

Ru seems genuinely surprised by how well it all came together. This is a strong Top Four and at this point, I would not want to be in Ru’s shoes (ha) and have to send one of these queens home. The part of the final episode I love comes where the queens offer up advice to their younger selves. It is always so touching and emotional to hear them to reflect on the challenges they will face, but obviously overcome. It is really a beautiful moment to see.

Sundae Co. | Trinity crying

Sundae Co. | Pep crying

Sundae Co. | Shea crying

Sundae Co. | Sasha crying

Category is… Top Four to Top Four

Ru calls the girls back after thee judges deliberation and in a never before seen move, decides not to eliminate any of the remaining queens. That’s right squirrelfriends! We have a Top Four headed into the finale!

Sundae Co. | Ru apples gif

They taped the finale last week and the looks these queens were serving were AMAZING!

Sundae Co. | Top 4 FInale Looks

So, this Friday we have the reunion with the whole cast of this season and then on the 23rd, we crown a new winner! So exciting!

So, are you Team Sasha?
Sundae Co. | Team Sasha

Team Shea?

Sundae Co. | Team Shea

Team Trinity?
Sundae Co. | Team Trinity

OR Team Peppermint?
Sundae Co. | Team Peppermint

(I may have put them in that order on purpose…)

We will have to wait another two weeks to find out who will be America’s Next Drag Superstar! Stay tuned!

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