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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “Crew Better Work” Recap

Let me just start this recap by telling you a story: I had a family friend’s wedding in Pittsburgh this weekend, so I had a flight out of Newark (it was the cheapest option) scheduled to depart at 8pm. I got a text around 4:45 telling me my flight was delayed 30 minutes. No big deal. I got to the airport around 6pm since I like to get there early so I am not rushing. That was the least of my worries. On the way to the airport my flight got delayed another half hour. Ok, I can deal… But over the course of the next 4 hours, my flight would get delayed 5 more times.

So, I did what any sensible human would do in this situation: plopped my butt in a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. I was originally upset that I’d be in the air during Drag Race, but was even more nervous about seeing spoilers during the show while I sat in a sports bar at Newark Airport bored out of my mind. I was one of maybe 7 people in the bar and there were 8 tvs. I figured – why not ask? I Google’d the channel for VH1 and called the bartender over. The conversation when something like this:

Me: Hi. Do you mind changing the channel on this tv for me?
Bartender: Sure, what’s the channel?
Me: (because I googled it already) 335!
Bartender: (changes channel and sees a grown man wearing a bra and a wig) Oh. What is this? Some gay stuff?
Me: Ummm yeah? It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race
Bartender: Oh I didn’t mean to be racially profiling you or whatever…
Me: No it’s cool.
Bartender: Just figured you wanted to watch sports or something.
Me: This is my sports.

Sundae Co. | Drag Race at Newark

So, I got to watch this episode live (and with subtitles) from a bar in the airport surrounded by families and random heterosexuals with a lot of confused looks on their faces when their eyes drifted from Nascar to a grown man tucking his penis between his butt cheeks.

Sundae Co. | Meryl Death Becomes Her gif

ANYWAYS this episode was amazing and maybe the best makeover episode? Let’s discuss!

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

Due to the results of this episode I am skipping the workroom drama with Nina You Know Who Brown and getting right into the challenge. The final 6 are tasked with giving makeovers to the bearded and (I am assuming?) straight members of the Drag Race crew! Now this is bittersweet for me since I have been trying to get a job on this show since season 1, so as much as I love this challenge, I just wish I worked there during it so I could have participated. OH WELL. Shea and Sasha pair off the girls with their crew members and everyone gets to work planning their runway looks! And this is why this was the best makeover episode yet…

Sundae Co. | Crew

These guys have worked on the show for years, some of them a lot longer than others, but they have all worked with these queens since the beginning of their time on the show. That gives them a unique connection to each other and a familiarity with the show that allowed us to skip all the “Hi. Nice to meet you. Try these heels on.” awkwardness of the past seasons. I loved getting to see some of the people that make my favorite show happen and it must have been so great for the queens to get to makeover people they have seen everyday on the other side of the camera.

Shea is paired up with a cute PA who is tragically terrible at walking in heels. Sasha is paired up with AD Duncan and the two of them vibe so well. Trinity gets matched up with Rizzo (cute, no?) and they are a hilarious duo. Nina is paired up with a decidedly punk art department dude and blah blah blah you know how that’s going to go. Alexis is paired up perfectly (no shade) with a more voluptuous crew member. And Peppermint gets teamed up with the scene-stealer herself himself, Sarge.

This workroom is so fun to watch, right?! We get to see so much personality come out of these girls and really see them all letting their creativity and sense of humor come out. Well, almost. Nina decides that episode 10 is the perfect time to learn how to sew… I can’t. I loved seeing how comfortable and willing these guys were to going full drag for this episode. As much fun as seeing an awkward straight bro stumble around in heels and say he’s not comfortable wearing a bra is, having the guys all be “down” is much more enjoyable. I will never think of Trinity teaching Rizzo to tuck and not crack up. Why do I have a feeling the sound of duct tape now sends a shiver of fear down Rizzo’s spine?

Our guests this week are the adorable Kesha (is it still Ke$ha?) and some designer no one has heard of who actually made Ru a pretty fierce gown with all of her sayings in Japanese on it. Allegedly. First up on the runway is Trinity Taylor and Glittafa Days. The family resemblance is on point from the second they step onto the stage. This is pageant Trinity through and through. Big hair. Perfectly coordinated, yet unique outfits. I love it and Glittafa looks gorgeous.

Sundae Co. | Trinity and Glittafa 1

And that tuck reveal was everything.

Sundae Co. | Trinity and Glittafa 2

Next up are Shea and Bae Couleé and while they definitely look like sisters, one is clearly the favorite. Poor Bae can’t keep her hair out of her face and even with Shea doing her best to play it up, it kind of takes over their runway. I was really disappointed to see this not come together as strongly as I thought it would, but I still think they both looked gorgeous and didn’t deserve to be in the bottom, but we will get there later.

Sundae Co. | Shea and Bae

Alexis and Rye Ann Stardust (ok…) walk the runway in matching glittery bodysuits. They look like sisters. Very ornately dressed, yet boring sisters. I was not terribly impressed, but then again Alexis is not known for her fashion sense.

Nina Bo’bunny and Ariana walk the runway looking like they hired a fifth grader to design their costumes and makeup. The second I saw Nina slapping some Model Magic on her face, I knew we were in for yet another uninspired and sloppy makeup look. The bunny idea seemingly stopped at the neck and then she just wore what she wears every week…

Sasha and her *older* sister Dunatella walk down the runway looking like two supermodels on vacation in Paris in September 1967. I love these looks so much. It is so Sasha and that LOVE to VELOUR reveal was adorable! This was a fun episode for Sasha and I honestly think she had just as much of a shot at winning this episode as Trinity.

Sundae Co. | Sasha and Dunatella

Sundae Co. | Sasha and Dunatella2

And then Winter Green sashayed into our lives and we are all better people because of it. I hope Sarge got a raise after this episode. I am certain he is now the crew favorite, if he wasn’t already. Though I agree that the outfits were mismatched, I think the general idea was the same and I absolutely loved this runway. I was giggling and smiling like a fool during the entire thing. Peppermint definitely rode on Winter Green’s coat tails for this one, but I think she looked stunning. But again, Winter Green stole the show.

Sundae Co. | WInter Green

During the judge’s critiques, we are blessed with even more Winter Mint gold (again, spin-off?) and a little bickering between Ross and Michelle to spice things up. It’s a toss up for me between Trinity and Sasha and I was truly happy to see Trinity win. And kinda pumped for Rizzo to spent that $2000 gift card on drag supplies and come back as a contestant on season 10. Here is where the producing of the show became a little transparent. I believe Alexis most deserved to be in the bottom two with Nina, but I think the producers wanted to see the Shea vs. Nina LSFYL happen to put a final nail in their “feud” that has been happening in the workroom and during Untucked. So, ultimately, it is Shea and Nina in the bottom two and “Cool for the Summer” is not the easiest song to go all out for, but I think Shea did a great job with it and finally sent Nina home!

So, we are at the final five and next week it’s time for a ball! I can’t wait to see how the girls do with this one!

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E9

Stay tuned!

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