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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “She Done Already Done Brought It On” Recap

So, was this the second episode of the season or was this part two of the premiere? Regardless, it’s back! This week we FINALLY get to meet the returning queen, see the girls compete in a challenge and send one unlucky lady home. Let’s discuss.

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

Well well well. Miss Cucu Congeniality herself strolls back to the competition. Here are my thoughts on this: NO. I was never a big fan of Cynthia last season (I just never got it?) and the fact that she won Miss Congeniality was a bit of a mystery to me, but I let it slide. She very much had her shot and got to walk away with $10,000. While I am obviously happy she is cancer-free and alive, the fact that she is back is weird and forced and I don’t like it. 30 seconds into the episode I was already sick of her. Moving on.

This week we got to see approximately 30 seconds of Valerie Cherish Lisa Kudrow and it was very exciting and very brief. She and Ru introduce the main challenge as a cheerleading competition and split the girls into teams. This always gives me flashbacks to being picked last for everything in school. Anyways. We have Team Cucu and Team Nina and poor little miss Valentina is shockingly picked last and the girls split off to assign parts.

We get the always fun and drama-packed “let’s just run through the lines” scene and…oh Jaymes. You are a mess.

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E2 gif
Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E2 gif2

After the airline stewardess challenge of Season 7 and the a capella battle of season 8, this cheer-off was boring and weird and I hated it? It was rushed and awkward and I couldn’t help myself from scrolling through Scruff Instagram halfway through. I did thankfully look up to see Alexis step forward and kill the “I’m a floozy!” line after her so heroically giving the part up to Jaymes… Hilarious.

Sundae Co. | Alexis Floozy

After the atrocity of the challenge, we are graced with a White Party Runway and there were some good looks! Miss Alexis was giving you Grecian Goddess Realness and I loved it so much. I also really liked Shea’s futuristic number and Trinity’s incredible sci-fi inspired look. Peppermint looked great, but I really wish there was a reveal under that trenchcoat… But the best look of the night was by far Valentina. She went WHITE in a wedding gown and was gorgeous. She is really stepping up. Though we need to lose the nude shoes…

Sundae Co. | Valentina Win

Obviously, Valentina wins the challenge and Jaymes and Kimora are put in the bottom 2, which is entirely accurate. The B-52’s are back as judges and I feel so bad that they had to watch that lip sync. I was so bored and SO ready to see Ru send both of them home after that. But alas, Ru sends Jaymes home and forever immortalizes her as the Porkshop of Season 9. I can’t say I am surprised she was the first to go. I said it after seeing her Meet The Queens video that I didn’t expect her to last long.

By the time we got the trailer for next weeks episode, I had a few too many heavily-poured cocktails so I honestly can’t remember what it showed, but that just means watching it next week will be a total surprise! I predict the next to go home is either Kimora, Peppermint or Charlie. But, who knows with this show?! I updated the players card to include The Comeback Queen and to put a huge red X over the recently departed Jaymes.

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E2 Card

Who do you think did the best this week? Who do you think is going home next week? How cute is boy Valentina?!

Stay tuned!

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