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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “Draggily Ever After” Recap

We’re back! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like this was actually the first episode of this season. We got a design/comedy challenge. We got drama. We got a decent lip sync. We got a damn death drop, henny! Let’s discuss this MAJOR episode!

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

I watched this episode at Monster Bar in the West Village where Sasha Velour was hosting the viewing. She is absolutely stunning in real life and was super cute and funny. She would talk and spill some T during the commercial breaks which was both hilarious and very eye-opening. She shared some behind-the-scenes stories about Alexis’ look, Aja’s Untucked breakdown and more about the shady editing so far this season. It was so great to finally get to see her in person! Also, later in the night I ran into Thorgy Thor at Metropolitan and nearly died. I talked to her for about 10 seconds, but it was the best 10 seconds of my life? Yeah. It was. Ok, on to the show!

Sundae Co. | Sasha at Monster

Sasha posing for me

We dive into this week’s episode with a maxi challenge that is slightly difficult to understand without seeing it. And even weirder once you did see it… Side note: the challenge producers are clearly running out of ideas at this point… Anyways. The queens are tasked with creating a drag princess (Drag Princess?) and trusty sidekick look as well as the backstory for their characters. And as happens in every season, at least one girl strolls into the workroom and doesn’t know how to sew… At this point I just have no words. Ru consults the queens on their looks and we get a lot of good workroom discussion which finally lets us hear more about these queens.

The topic of the horrific Pulse shooting comes up and Trinity and Cynthia talk about their connections to the nightclub, with Cynthia opening up about losing a friend, Martin Benitez Torres. It was an incredibly emotional and honestly heartbreaking moment but with encouraging words from Alexis and Sasha about the power of the drag community, the moment ends on an uplifting note.

A little quickly, we jump into the runway for the challenge and oh boy is it strange! Cucu is a little bunny rabbit? Kimora is a robot monkey? I’m confused and I don’t know what to think and someone hold me because Aja’s smoke monster sidekick will haunt my dreams forever. This runway did however provide us with some pretty sickening looks. My favorites of the night were Charlie Hides’ golden goddess look, Shea’s mermaid realness and Sasha’s entirely out there, birdcage-on-her-head look!

Sundae Co. | Charlie S9E3
Sundae Co. | Shea S9E3
Sundae Co. | Sasha S9E3

I also really liked Alexis’ look and the sense of humor she had as the #SubwayFish. I am kind of developing a huge crush on her? Yeah. That’s definitely happening. (Why did her tadpole with a Brooklyn accent turn me on so much?)

Sundae Co. | Alexis S9E3

Valentina looked stunning as always, but not my favorite for this challenge. It was more of an ice-skating or tightrope walker look, but props to her or being consistently gorgeous.

Sundae Co. | Valentina S9E3

Poor Farrah… Her look was very simple, though cute, but her reading the script for the sidekick was very dull and definitely knocked her down a few spots. We are blessed by the beautiful creature that is Cheyenne Jackson as a guest judge this week and I can’t be the only one who melted a little when he gave us his best Sean Connery impression… I really thought it was going to go to Valentina again, but the judges, somewhat confusingly, went with Trinity as the challenge winner. I didn’t hate her look and that drag king starfish sidekick was whimsical and different, but I was far more impressed with some of the other girls’ looks.

Sundae Co. | Trinity S9E3

Watching Aja in this episode was a huge let down for me. The shady as hell editing around her “with Facetune or without” debacle was one thing, but I have honestly not been as impressed by her as I thought I would be… And this was just not her week. Her makeup. That Heat Miser hair. I was not a fan. BUT watching her lip sync is something I was really looking forward to and she definitely served it. I wasn’t impressed with Kimora’s LSFYL last week and wasn’t impressed this week either, though she did seem to have a little more energy this time around. I was not surprised to see her go home so early, but am sad to miss out on more of her looks and “natural” beauty. I feel like Ru sent her home just because she complained about being padded… Like, really? Ru calling her brave was the shade of the week!

Next week it seems like some sort of news or talk show challenge, which could be fun as long as it isn’t the same as the Season 6 Chas Bono interview or Season 3’s QNN challenge… I am most excited to see some of the girls start taking the critiques and showing us a little diversity. I am doing terribly in my league pool… This week my picks were Alexis, Shea and Valentina, so hopefully next week my picks get more points!

Who were your Top 3 this week? Who do you think deserved to go home? What would you drag princess fairy tale be?

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E3 Score Card

One more queen sent home…

All gifs courtesy of Logo.

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