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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “Gayest Ball Ever” Recap

From the Final Five to the Fabulous Four. This week we are treated to the Gayest. Ball. EVER! And what a ball it was! I think this episode may have been my favorite of the season? So much to discuss here. My name is Ross Greenberg and I have something to say…

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

Nina is finally gone and I won’t even pretend to be bothered in the slightest. In my opinion, which is obviously what you all came here to read (right?!) is she lasted way too long. Anyways, she’s gone and now we are down to the Final Five! It’s all happening so fast! Remember Jaymes Mansfield? Me neither… Ru comes on into the workroom the next day and announces an incredibly rare for the season MINI CHALLENGE! And not just any mini challenge: PUPPETS! This is absolutely one of my favorite challenges! So, the queens grab their “randomly assigned” puppet counterparts and have 20 minutes to drag them up like one of their sisters!

Sasha rightfully wins the challenge with her Trinity puppet show and her prize is a $500 gift card to TodayTix and the daunting task privilege to choreograph the opening number of the Gayest Ball Ever! Oh, did I get ahead of myself. It’s time for a ball, ladies and queens! The girls have to come up with 3 looks: Rainbow She Betta Do, Sexy Unicorn and Village People Extravaganza Eleganza!

Sundae Co. | Gayest Ball Ever gif

Now, let’s talk about this. Drag Race has hit some PC speedbumps in the past – I’m looking at you “You’ve got Shemail!” – and seemingly forgotten how their viewers like to keep them in check. The Village People is a touchy subject for me. While obviously legends of the disco era (and let’s be real – musical geniuses!) their outfits and personas were problematic, to say the least. Having one of these queens take on the role of “Native American” was simply not a good idea. Especially when you just boil that culture down to turquoise beads, feathers and a bow and arrow. With that being said, I am going to continue with my recap of this episode, because like I said earlier – a lot to discuss.

The queens get to work on their three looks and we are shown just enough to get really excited for all of them. This challenge is really where the Top 3 make themselves known. We get to see their creativity shine through as they step to the front of the pack. Ru comes around for a little workroom visit and gets a little sample of what’s to come. Obviously, Sasha is going out of the box and “smart” with this challenge and I fully expect her to win this challenge. Peppermint seems to be struggling a bit with the leather look, which worried me a bit. Alexis is the most Alexis and no one is shocked. Not even Ru… Shea is going fashion with her construction worker look and I was so excited to see how it turned out. And Trinity gave us a little taste of her policeman (policewoman?) look. We got no hints as to what their other looks were turning out, which was for the best. We all got to gasp and cheer when they stepped onto the runway.

And gasp and cheer we did. This is a strong Top 4 and I think these looks – however random and disjointed they were – were all so unique and fun! I want to break the looks down by queen in order of my least favorite overall to most favorite overall.

Alexis Michelle – She has shown time and again that design is not her strong suit and therefore Alexis doesn’t really pull a solid look together out of this bunch. Her rainbow look is not too exciting, her unicorn is yet another glittery body suit and that Native American look is as offensive in nature as it is to the eye… That skirt is 100% just a piece of fabric barely sewn together around her hips. No girl.

Sundae Co. | Alexis Ball looks

Peppermint – Again, not a strong designer, but I actually really loved two of Pep’s looks here. Her Rainbow look was fun and regal and she looked amazing. That unicorn look was poorly made and didn’t fit her, plus was a little all over the place… But that leather look was everything. I think she looked sexy and very in character. I was definitely impressed, but I just felt the other girls did it better.

Sundae Co. | Pep Ball looks

Trinity – Ok, I need to defend The Tuck’s rainbow look. It was sexy, out of the box and I thought really fun. I actually like her look much better than Shea’s to be honest. But I digress. Her unicorn look was a little too My Little Pony Live for me, but that policewoman look was so good it saved her in my opinion. Trinity can walk a runway like no one else this season. She is so powerful and bold with her walk and knows exactly what to do with her hands and arms to sell her look. I am really starting to lean her way for the crown…

Sundae Co. | Trinity Ball looks

Shea Couleé – Shea has proven she can put a look together so many times, I was not shocked when she came out with three solid runways. I will however say, that rainbow dress – as gorgeous as it was on her – was no rainbow. Her unicorn was sexy and she had fun with it and that construction worker dress was so incredible! Do I think it was all enough for her to win the challenge? No. I think that win should have gone to…

Sundae Co. | Shea Ball looksSundae Co. | Shea Ball looks
Sundae Co. | Shea Ball looks

Sasha Velour – My pick for the winner of this challenge, Sasha showed us her unparalleled creativity yet again. Her rainbow look was deconstructed and really fashionable. (I will admit, the house reveal had me scratching my head – why?) Her unicorn was fierce – obviously some sort of warrior off to battle her enemies – and her Cowboy was really cute and a really different look for her. Also, Sasha now joins the ranks of queens who go an entire season without lip synching for their lives!

Sundae Co. | Sasha Ball looks

Sundae Co. | Sasha Ball looks

Ru mostly agreed with my choices, but instead names Shea the winner, sending Alexis and Peppermint to Lip Sync for their liiiiiiiives. An odd choice for a song, but the queens bring it to “Macho Man” by the Village People and once again, Peppermint goes there. Alexis was having fun with it, but I couldn’t take my eyes of Peppermint. She learned well from t he Roxxxy Andrews School of Drag and had a wig under her wig, which gave her a slightly more masculine look which worked in her favor for the song. She commands the stage. And busts out some amazing old school dance moves and sends Alexis home.

So, we are at the top 4 and I will say I think this is a really difficult choice here. I think it is clear who the Top 3 will be, but from there, it could really go either way. I am super excited to see what happens next week where the girls record a rap track on RuPaul’s new single “Category Is…” I certainly have my predictions on how each remaining queen will do, but I will hold my comments until next week!

Sundae Co. | RPDRs9 card

Stay tuned! The end is near! *crying emoji*

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