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RuPaul’s Drag Race S9 – “RuPaul Roast” Recap

The RuPaul roast is back…but with a twist! This time our queens get to roast the Queen of Shade herself, Michelle Visage! This was a fun episode so let’s talk about it!

Sundae Co. | RPDR S9 Girls

We start off the episode with a little joking and jarring between Peppermint and Trinity about who’s won more challenges, etc. and it is super fun to see the girls get to unwind and untuck a little and be playful. Ru comes in wearing some stunner shades and we all know what that means!

Sundae Co. | Reading Ru gif

This is the best mini challenge every season and is a great indicator of a queens sense of humor and ability to dish out AND take jokes. *cough cough* Alexis Michelle *cough* The girls were hilarious, with Peppermint, Sasha and Shea making me laugh the most! Valentina winning this was RIGGED – but her “Peppermint. You need one.” line was pretty great. ALso, shame on Nina for stealing Latrice’s “BMW. Body Made Wrong” line from the Season 4 reading challenge and trying to pass it off as her own…

Anyways, we move along to the girls being told that the RuPaul Roast is back, but this time they get to roast Michelle! How exciting! And now the inevitable Drag Queens Struggling with Writer’s Block montage. Before we get to hear their jokes, I was pretty confident Peppermint and Shea were going to the the top contenders here. With Shea’s confidence and Peppermint’s ability to host and crack a joke, I was ready to see one these ladies win, but was leaning towards Peppermint getting her first win. Onto the roast!

Shea is up first and comes out looking gorgeous. I love that hair on her. She is funny and confident, as I knew she would be and I think she was a great opener.

Sundae Co. | Shea roast gif2
Sundae Co. | Shea roast gif

Sasha is up next and comes out in this very interesting and very gorgeous look. I love how she can look totally different every week. She is funny and her rapid fire Jersey jokes had me cackling at the bar. Which is a cute look, no? Poor Valentina slipped a little on this one. I am not sure what her shtick we here, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me… Also, was she calling her “Misschelle?” Trinity coming out in a full character was a choice. That’s all I will say about that. We all knew Farrah wasn’t going to win this one, but dang did she lose it. It was rough to watch and listen to and pretty much the entire bar was shaking their head at the TVs the entire time she was up.

Peppermint did the damn thing and did it so well, it really was her show. She was super funny and original. I am super proud of her here and like, pretty sure she she is at least Top 4 at this point? Which is great! Then Nina comes out as a grandma? I just an’t with her so I have nothing to say here. And finally, we close the show with a trainwreck Alexis. Plain and simple: she bombs. And she did it while painted green. So that sucked.

And now we pause our recap to discuss one of the best Untucked moments ever. Miss Nina Bonina Inner Saboteur Grandma Brown going off on her rant about Shea and the other girls talking about her behind her back which then gets quite a reaction from Shea and gave us all the gift of the Trinity reaction gif this world deserves.

Sundae Co. | Trinity react gif 1
Sundae Co. | Trinity react gif 2
Sundae Co. | Trinity react gif 3

Also the best reaction came from Alexis who was a good 20 feet away practicing her lipsync song and heard the drama so slyly pops out her headphones so she can listen in. This is gif gold, you guys! Someone needs to promote the camera op who caught that and zoomed in.

Sundae Co. | Alexis listening gif

So, it comes down to Alexis vs. Farrah in the LSFYL and they both seem to have a really fun time with this song, which always makes it more fun to watch. Farrah was really cute, but Alexis won for sure. Her energy. Her lipsync. Her running into a sliding split trick! She definitely outshone poor little Farrah and our Vegas Showgirl is sent home packing.

Wow, we are down to our final 7! I can’t believe it! So exciting! Next week the queens are writing and filming their own pilots so that should be very interesting to see what shows they all come up with! Can’t wait!

Stay tuned girls!
Sundae Co. | RPDR S9E8 score card

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