My Somewhat Practical Bucket List

In the rather morbid tradition of making a list of things one wants to do before one’s time on this Earth is done, I have complied a list of all the things I want to do/see/eat/etc. before I die. This list will constantly be updated with further additions to the list as well as my progress in crossing any of these off. This list does not include all the wonderful things I have already accomplished/seen/eaten in my life… Stay tuned and let’s see how I do.

1. Move to a new city – I always wanted to live in NYC and then I moved here as soon as I could. Now I want to try living somewhere else. Even for a year.

2. Meet Idris Elba – No further comment needed.

Sundae Co. | Idris gif

K I’ll be waiting

3. Skydive

4. Visit all 50 states – 23/50 as of today

5. Visit every continent – 5/7 as of today

6. Interior design someone else’s space – I want to put my purely internet-based love of interior design to task and get to use someone else’s money to design a space perfectly.

7. Get to 1000 followers on insta – Laugh all you want. This will make me feel like a superstar.

8. Paint the walls of my apartment – It’ll happen one day. And it’ll be glorious.

9. Cook a multi-course meal for friends/family – I have yet to offer a guest more than one plate of food.

10. Meet RuPaul – Mama Ru!

Sunday Co. | Ru gif

11. Work on RuPaul’s Drag Race – The dream since February 2, 2009.

12. Read 52 books in one year – The most I’ve hit is 20. I’m a slow reader.

13. Make my own sushi

14. Adopt a puppy

15. Solve a mystery

16. Dye my hair – I am still dying (dyeing?) to go bright tangerine orange. Maybe when I go through a mid-life crisis?

Sundae Co. | Seventeen Orange Hair

Someone do this to my hair please.

17. Be part of an all-drag Spice Girls for Halloween – Obviously, I’d be Ginger.

Sundae Co. | Spice Girls gif

18. Perform a drag number involving Jasmine “I have something to say” Masters and Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” – It’s a dream and I’m working on making it happen

19. Write a piece for Vulture and/or New York Magazine.

That’s my list so far. What’s on your bucket list? What’s on mine that you’ve already done?

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