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Spring Trends for 2017 That Can’t Come Soon Enough

Although there’s still a mess of snow lingering on the streets of New York, it is officially Spring. It might not feel like it (she weeps, waiting for it to be as warm as it was in February – go figure) but it’s on the calendar, so my brain is full-steam ahead on the bright shades marking their way as the Spring trends of 2017.

Although I was slightly caught off guard by the release of Pantone’s Color of the Year, my immense love for plant life eventually convinced me to come around.

Beyond the shocking Greenery, there’s more than a few colors I’m excited to work into my Spring wardrobe.

Among the ones I’m truly loving? The ever controversial Pale Dogwood – better known as Tumblr Pink or Millennial Pink. Have you ever seen so much talk about a single color? I really don’t know- but I’m kind of loving it. Especially the little beef brewing between The Cut and Slate.

There’s nothing more I love than a pretty pink and I don’t care if Drake’s wearing a full sweatsuit out of the color, I’m still lusting after a perfectly pink set of linen sheets.

It’s amazing to see the way these colors trickle into interior design, fashion, even advertising and graphic design – something we’re guilty of ourselves.

But there’s no denying the colors work.

Pale Dogwood

Spring Trends: Pale Dogwood | Sundae Co.

Via Domino

Isn’t that door so pretty? Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for doors. And when you make them pink? There’s a serious obsession that brews there.

Spring Trends: Pale Dogwood | Sundae Co.

Via Bloglovin’ (anyone have a better source?)

There’s nothing more inviting than that sofa right there. The deep cushions, the soft fabric- the whole scene is insanely chill. Though, does anyone actually use floor pillows?

Spring Trends: Millennial Pink

Lou & Grey Via Domino

Not only does this manage to pull off a tone on tone design, the pops of rose gold and chartreuse really make it work. Lou & Grey has only ever done incredible things and their shop in Manhattan solidifies that.

Look, I’m not plopping on some platforms anytime soon. But there’s something really fun about the look above. It’s got a Studio 54/David Bowie/bubblegum pop kind of deal happening and while I’ve never seen a ruffle I’ve felt comfortable wearing, I could be persuaded with the blouse above. Maybe my Spring trend is calling for head-to-toe pink.


Look, I’m going to be honest- kale isn’t my lettuce. I much prefer spinach. But this color is the perfect mixture of moody and romantic with just a hint of edge to it. And this velvet settee is the prime example. Especially mixed with that rose gold beside it.

I’m kicking myself for not wallpapering my dining room with banana leaves while I was living in Florida. Because if there’s any time to embrace the banana leaf, it’s while you’re living in Florida. Still, there’s something to be said for how modern and whimsical this look is, especially paired with that side chair. I’m more and more into monochromatic trends lately.

Spring Trends: Kale | Sundae Co.

Via Vogue

Although a big, baggy sweater isn’t exactly spring material- look at how damn cozy that looks! Kale is such a smart neutral, it elevates the typical army green and gives it a more modern flare. This sweater from Dsquared2 might sore above my price range, but it’s exactly the kind of inspiration I need when it comes to pairing with florals.

Imagining this color in a bedroom, with soft linen sheets and natural wood is enough to make me reconsider my original moodboard for the space. Look at how soft and inviting this space looks! The matching molding really makes it.

Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow isn’t just yellow. It’s softer, warmer and it definitely has more shades of mustard than it does lemon. The depth of the color is what makes this look work- the warm wood and the cool green(ery) among the room ties it all together.

Spring Trends: Primrose Yellow | Sundae Co.

Via Domino

While I wouldn’t exactly paint an entire wall the color, it’s the perfect shade to accessorize with. And seriously, this is a blanket I just want to roll myself up in and live there forever. Too much?

Although the main focus of this image is the stunning print from Kara Rosenlund, it doesn’t hurt that it was styled with these dreamy throw pillows. It works so well with natural wood of the frame and picks out the perfect complimentary tones.

Spring Trends: Primrose Yellow | Sundae Co.

Via Vogue

I’m having a hard time dealing with the culotte trend, to be honest. I’m 5’2″ and my legs just aren’t long enough. But these culottes make me want to attempt it- the high waist, the wide belt- it’s a stunning vintage style that seems decently flattering.

So, what do you think? Are you noticing what I’m noticing? How amazing all of these colors would actually look together? I know. I’m dying for a deep sofa in kale velvet with pale dogwood pillows and knit primrose yellow throw.

Dream living room- let’s happen, STAT!

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