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Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends, Birthdays, and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. has always been on the short list of cities I love. Said list only being short because the travel to-dos haven’t exactly been crossed off lately. THANKS LIFE AND JOB. Still, you can’t beat the 4 hour road trip. Or, maybe you can. Traffic ain’t no joke.

Last weekend, Ross and I rounded up our favorite people for a quick getaway. Not only does D.C. house our two best friends who we haven’t seen in F O R E V E R, it’s also a really fun escape from New York City. With my baby brother’s birthday that Friday, we decided to make it a big trip and invited a few more friends to make it an especially special 25th birthday for Nico.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Of course, never one not to extend a long weekend, Ross headed down to Washington early to spend some one on one time with Iva.

The day was spent strolling around Georgetown (an amazing neighborhood which I didn’t make it to this weekend thanks to the ever abundance of graduations taking place across the city) and taking in all the cute shops and restaurants.

It was Friday night, so of course it was time for Drag Race! Ross took Iva to her first live viewing party at Uproar– and what a dramatic episode it was, as we all know. After recovering from the drama with a few rounds of drinks on Uproar’s cute rooftop, they headed over to Nellie’s – an uber cool gay sports bar in D.C. They may or may not have ordered the appetizer sampler platter and may or may not have dipped those fried goodies in every dip imaginable.

As this was happening, I was driving the rest of us non-Washington D.C.’ers down the NJ turnpike, a special treat for all of us. NOT. (JK, it really wasn’t that bad? The traffic fairies were on my side.)

Once we made it and checked into our especially fancy non-fancy hotel (kudos Embassy Suites for treating us so well), we prettied ourselves up and made our way to my best friend’s boyfriend’s bar (mouthful, I know).

No matter how long you’ve been friends, no matter how many boyfriends or girlfriends come and go, there’s always that period in the beginning of a new relationship where you NEED to meet the new guy or girl in town. And this was no different. Maybe a Friday night at a bar wasn’t the best place to meet Donagh (Kim’s beau), but it sure made it memorable. Especially because Exiles was incredible. (And here is where I admit that we didn’t take a single picture inside..) We spent most of the night on the back patio hanging out with great cocktails and this weird hook game? Where you throw a circle with a string on it? What’s it called again? Anyone? Beuller?


I felt properly introduced to him and properly tired. So, after a few hours, we all said our goodnights and went back to our respective beds.

The next day was jam packed with Washington D.C. sightseeing.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Can we talk about how major the D.C. metro is? It may not be anyone’s favorite mode of transportation in the nation’s capital, but for someone who spends an absurd amount of time waiting for the subway or dealing with less than ideal smells, the D.C. metro was HEAVENLY.

And the architecture didn’t hurt.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

There’s something to be said for a pink building.

There’s also something to be said for what pink walls can do to the color of your hair when it reflects like that. I am NOT a redhead, you guys.

The most important part of the day was brunch. Who’s shocked here?

We spent much of the morning stuffing our faces with more than enough tapas to last a lifetime. Seriously. La Tasca served up a three-plate-plus-2-dollar-drink special and we all fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

The Newseum came next with it’s mesmerizing installations and feature galleries on everything from the FBI to the effects of Rock & Roll on politics. It’s my favorite place to go when in the city and I bring everyone I can there. It might be one of the few museums with a ticket price (buy online instead of at the front desk for a little discount!), but it’s 100% worth it. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s a 2-day ticket and you might want to split up the time. It’s intense. It’s packed with countless bits of history and beauty and sheer overwhelming amounts of newspapers that you’re going to want to reach every inch of.

The documentaries that run on autoplay aren’t half bad either.

Even if Bono seems to appear in every. single. one.

Although we probably could have spent all day at the Newseum, we had a very special mission.

Nico’s big birthday request was to see the Lincoln Memorial up close and personal. With it being his first time in Washington D.C., we knew we had to make it happen. And what with everything going on with our current president, we all agreed it’d be nice to look back on a good one.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Guys, if you’re ever in town and you’re hungry, please make a reservation at Barcelona. Yes, it’s tapas, and yes, we did two tapas restaurants in one day, but GUYS IT IS THE BEST. It is. I’m not taking other suggestions. It’s literally the restaurant I demand Kim make us reservations at every single time I come and visit. Blame her. She’s the one who introduced me. It’s her fault.

But when they bring you nearly every single thing on the menu and THEN surprise your baby brother with a cutting board the size of a small child filled with desserts, it is so very hard to find anything wrong with it.

Not to mention the food is incredible.

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Although we would have loved to have stayed longer than it took us to eat our breakfast at the hotel, we all had to get on the road early and head back home.

Except Ross, of course.

While I was driving the majority of us back, Ross and Iva had a serious Sunday Funday with yummy vegan treats and coffee from Sticky Fingers Cafe in Columbia Heights, before wandering through Adams Morgan, an adorable and quaint area of D.C.

Then, because Ross is Ross and odd luck can seriously follow him wherever he goes, a trip to The Outrage, a feminist store, randomly brought Ben from Ben & Jerry’s into his life. And this is where I get really jealous – Ben was there giving out free ice cream! DARNIT.

Anyway, after buying a cute t-shirt and some fun pins, Ross and Iva were joined by her friend Jess and went for mimosas at Marvin’s. $4 mimosas and a cute little rooftop and I was stuck in traffic outside of Baltimore! WHY ME?

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Washington D.C. Weekend With Friends and Plenty of Tapas

Overall, it was the most fun trip I’d taken in a while and it felt really incredible to be able to spend the weekend with my best friends, my partner in crime, my baby brother and his girlfriend. It was the perfect group. And it was the perfect weather. We had an amazing time and we can’t wait to go back and explore some more!

Ever been to Washington D.C.? More importantly, have you ever been to Barcelona? Let’s talk about the flan.

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