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What To Wear On The Fourth Of July

For as long as I can remember, our family has had some sort of Fourth of July picnic or barbecue. It wasn’t always hosted at the same house, but it was always the same crew of people: my family. My big, loud, obnoxious, but ultimately wonderful family. It was always pretty relaxed, with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and the smell of chlorine wafting from the kids jumping in and out of the pool. The thought of what to wear on the Fourth of July wasn’t something we dwelled on.

It was bathing suits, cut-off shorts, and tee shirts we didn’t worry about getting wet or dirty or covered in ketchup (this is always me).

But as we’ve grown older, with some of us starting our own families, the plans have changed.

And with the country’s independence sharing a spot with Ross’ birthday, what to wear has become a bit more important to me. I’m not going out to dinner and drinks in cut-off shorts, ok?

Man, this time last year, Ross and I were in Miami with our best friend Shira sipping on endless mimosas at a drag brunch and planning out the perfect evening of dinner, drinks and a lot of dancing. We stayed at the stunning Confidante. It was honestly the best trip.

Can someone put me in a plane, please?

This year is a little up in the air. We have definite birthday dinner plans, but for the daytime, no idea. I’m hoping to capitalize on what should be nice weather with an afternoon in the park. I’m all about the picnics these days. And the ice cream trucks.

So, in thinking about what to wear on the Fourth of July, we put together some of our favorite summer looks perfect for dinner out, laying out on a blanket waiting for fireworks to start or just hanging in your backyard with friends and family.

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What are your plans this year?

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